#HomeOffice: What do we need for remote work? Orange offers the necessary tools

Coronavirus has forced a large number of companies in Poland to switch to remote work mode. In such situations, the smartphone often has to replace the face-to-face conversation, and the video conference on "Teams" - a business meeting. There are plenty of tools for managing a company in remote work mode. Fortunately, many of them can be found in one place - the offer of Orange Polska and Integrated Solutions.

We work, learn and relax in our own four corners - such times. This requires incredible discipline, developing a new work organization and finding space to perform professional duties. It's a lot of effort, in addition we were forced to make it practically from day to day. No preparation.

In such conditions, we also begin to pay more attention to the tools we use - smartphones, all types of instant messengers, programs for sharing text documents, etc.

Orange offers many amenities and tools for working from home. 80% The orange operator's employees are working in a very good way right now. And this makes it easier for him today to get into the perspective of the average Kowalski, who must manage his business from behind his desk.

10 GB internet

Let's start with the fact that it is difficult to imagine comfortable work from home, if the danger of losing connection to the network hangs overhead. At Orange, individual clients, small businesses and larger ones (For Business and Orange Biz plans) can launch a free mobile internet package. Equal to 10 GB of additional transfer. It may not be enough to watch movies from Netflix, but we are after all free surfing the net, receiving emails or supporting Microsoft Teams. However, you need to hurry, because you can only use additional gigabytes until March 31.

To further refine the connection, you can decide to test the free LTE office internet. The promotional campaign provides that the contract can be terminated without any reason or consequence within 14 calendar days of its conclusion.

What will we get in return? Everything you need for trouble-free operation in the apartment - dual-band Smart Wi-Fi, which can be connected to 64 devices, wireless internet coverage of 100 m2, Huawei 4G Router 3 Pro and up to 999 GB per month.

Subscription from Lego blocks

It can be different with online conversations. Sometimes there are problems with bandwidth, other times WiFi does not work quickly enough efficiently and a short conversation turns into a fight to exchange a few sentences without failure. Often a much safer method of communication is to make a normal phone call.

Orange has decided to support entrepreneurs working from home in the following way - we offer packages of services that you can add to your company plan. Their number to use depends on the plan chosen. After the billing period, they can be freely exchanged, which allows customers to remain very flexible.

Among the packages that increase our communication possibilities with the world in the current situation, we will find "International calls" (250 minutes of talks with EU countries, USA, Switzerland and Canada) and "Calls to Ukraine" (40 minutes of calls to Ukrainian numbers).

The third noteworthy package is "Safe Company", which includes Cyber ​​Shield and IT support. Virtually all cyber security experts emphasize today that as companies move into the digital world, entrepreneurs must pay close attention to securing their data. Meanwhile, the Cyber ​​Shield is blocking dangerous links on your phone, preventing theft of e.g. bank passwords.

Package "in the office", which is everything the heart desires

A separate option, calculated as the use of 2 packages at the same time, is the "In the office" service. It provides access to files from the level of stationary and mobile devices. Under it, Orange provides the Microsoft office suite, which includes Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access and Publisher, as well as Internet versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, we also receive 1 TB of cloud disk in the form of OneDrive.

The package can be extended by an additional 39 PLN per month. For this amount you get a very comprehensive offer, including access to Microsoft Bookings (meeting planning), Microsoft Planner (planning and accounting for group work), Microsoft Teams (a set of tools for communication within the company) and finally email hosting with a 50 GB mailbox.

Especially without the latter, it is difficult to imagine working remotely in a larger group of colleagues today. Tools such as "Teamsy" allow instant communication through group and private chats and teleconferences.

Orange Office

Remote work can also be greatly simplified by the Orange Office hosting package. After purchasing the subscription, the user gets an e-disk that can be accessed by any employee of the company. What can we put on it? For example, text documents, presentations, internal guidelines, training materials and other materials that should not go beyond the circle of collaborators.

The second service, i.e. the virtual reception desk, is intended for service companies that take clients into their homes, e.g. in private doctor's offices. E-reception allows customers to book visits via the Internet and allows you to manage the number of people staying at the service point.

Package from Integrated Solutions

It is also worth mentioning at this moment the service packages prepared by Integrated Solutions, a company from the Orange Polska Group. The company focused in its offer on three areas.

In the first of these, focusing on communication, IS provides tools that combine Word, Excel and PowerPoint with teamwork tools. It also enables the integration of the telephone system with Microsoft Teams using the Orange Business Talk SIP Trunking service.

The second area is the creation of a virtual office with integrated Microsoft 365 and Azure. Virtual office allows you to use the virtual desktop and remote applications on any device.

The third package is related to security. It allows secure access to the application regardless of where it is hosted. Access is secured from a remote location, without VPN and network devices.

Orange for large companies

We are turning on a slightly different scale when it comes to the offer for large enterprises. Business customers can test one of the two large teleconferencing and document exchange platforms for three months for free - Cisco Webex and Orange Team Voice as well as a professional Polycom Studio image transmission device.

By allowing employees to work remotely, businesses must be aware that they are also becoming more vulnerable to theft of sensitive data. At this point, the encryption of information that flows between employees becomes key. That is why Orange has decided to provide free access to:

  1. Remote SSL access, which provides employees with secure access to the corporate network from home or any other workplace (a service intended for customers with a business VPN who want to have remote access to the corporate network through any operator),
  2. Private APN in the Orange network, which allows secure access to the company's network
  3. CyberWatch, a smartphone security monitoring tool that blocks and reports any attempt to capture sensitive data by an outside person

There are plenty of possibilities, configurations and tools for remote work. However, to manage your company efficiently in a dispersed environment, you need to decide on specific solutions as soon as possible. Under the current conditions, no decision will be made because it will be the worst possible option.

When it comes to organizing this process, the Orange Group did one very important thing - it collected the majority of the most important tools and gives them to users without having to sign many separate contracts.

* The text was created in cooperation with Orange Polska

#HomeOffice: What do we need for remote work? Orange offers the necessary tools


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