Here is the Leica S3, i.e. 64-megapixels on the medium format for PLN 82,500

Leica refreshes its medium-format body after over 5 years. There is a new matrix with a resolution of 64 megapixels and basically that's all.

Leica S3 from the outside looks practically identical to its predecessor. The minimalist, beautiful body attracts attention, is refined and valued. Magnesium, sealed body has a small size for medium format 160 × 80 × 120 mm and weight 1.26 kg. We find here a 3-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 921 thousand. points (refresh rate 60 fps, covered with Gorilla Glass), small screen at the top, large optical viewfinder (0.87x magnification), several buttons and a double slot for SD and CF cards.

It is amazing that the German manufacturer did not use a touch screen here, which is already a standard, even in high-end professional bodies. It's just a slight misunderstanding.

Leica S3

The heart, and also the biggest change compared to its predecessor, is the new matrix. The Leica S3 has a medium format sensor 30 × 45 mm (3: 2 format) and a resolution of 64 megapixels without a low-pass filter. The resolution is impressive, but physically it is a slightly smaller matrix than in Fujifilm or Hasselblad cameras. Medium format medium format uneven.

Leica S3

The sensor specially developed for Leiki has a dynamic range of 15 EV, a maximum sensitivity value of ISO 50,000 and a speed of continuous shooting up to 3 fps. The Leica Maestro II image processor also owes a lot to this.

Leica S3 is also doing well as a filming device, but to be honest, I see it on average. Similarly to its predecessor, the camera can record movies in maximum 4K resolution at 24 fps, or Full HD at 30 fps. The manufacturer has also equipped the camera with a microphone or HDMI connector, through which you can output uncompressed Full HD images in 8-bit and 4: 2: 2.

Leica S3

Medium format cameras have never been known for their fast AF, but the Leica S3 is to be an exception. The manufacturer ensures that the camera has a fast and efficient auto focus system that is based on phase detection.

Leica S3

Finally, a red icing on the cake. Leica S3 costs PLN 82,500, which is about the same as its predecessor - Leica S Type 007. We basically have a camera from 5 years ago in which the matrix was replaced. If someone is deciding on a medium format Leica, then the S3 will be the most interesting option. However, quite a lot is going on in the medium format camera market. There are many other, much, much cheaper medium formats without a mirror, such as the Fujifilm GFX family or Hasselblad X1D. For this we do not forget about mirrorless cameras with full frame and similar resolution, which cost about 10-15 thousand. zł. Leica S3 is a dinosaur in this company.

Here is the Leica S3, i.e. 64-megapixels on the medium format for PLN 82,500


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