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Google Play Store: 56 new malicious apps found

The Google Play Store is currently the world's largest and most popular shop for mobile applications, which is installed as standard on almost all Android smartphones.

The Play Store has billions of users, which of course also makes it a target for cybercriminals. Unfortunately, Google is not known for the best security. Therefore, 56 new malicious apps have been found there again.

Android malware
Source: tn.com.ar

Despite intensive efforts, Google simply cannot keep malware developers off its Play Store. The company is implementing newer protective measures, but the developers always seem to be one step ahead of the company.

This is confirmed by the latest report from Check Point Research , which has been dealing with cybersecurity for years. It reads that they recently discovered 56 malicious adware applications (known as "Tekya") in Google Play that easily bypassed Google Play Protect system security.

The process was limited to mimicking clicks on ads that generated substantial revenue. The applications described can be found in various tools, from pocket calculators to translators. The full list of malicious "Tekya" applications discovered by Check Point Research is as follows:

Package_name Installs Developer
caracal.raceinspace.astronaut 100000 Caracal Entertainment
com.caracal.cooking 100000 Caracal Entertainment
com.leo.letmego 100000 Leopardus studio
com.caculator.biscuitent 50000 Biscuit Ent
com.pantanal.aquawar 50000 Pantanal Entertainment
com.pantanal.dressup 50000 Pantanal Entertainment
inferno.me.translator 50000 World TravelX
translate.travel.map 50000 Lynx StudioX
travel.withu.translate 50000 World TravelX
allday.a24h.translate 10,000 Royal Chow Studio
banz.stickman.runner.parkour 10,000 Biaz Inc
best.translate.tool 10,000 Megapelagios
com.banzinc.littiefarm 10,000 Biaz Inc
com.bestcalculate.multifunction 10,000 Titanyan Entertainment
com.folding.blocks.origami.mandala 10,000 Slardar Studio
com.goldencat.hillracing 10,000 Golden cat
com.hexa.puzzle.hexadom 10,000 MajorStudioX
com.ichinyan.fashion 10,000 Titanyan Entertainment
com.maijor.cookingstar 10,000 MajorStudioX
com.major.zombie 10,000 MajorStudioX
com.mimochicho.fastdownloader 10,000 MochiMicho
com.nyanrev.carstiny 10,000 Titanyan Entertainment
com.pantanal.stickman.warrior 10,000 Pantanal Entertainment
com.pdfreader.biscuit 10,000 Biscuit Ent
com.splashio.mvm 10,000 Biscuit Ent
com.yeyey.translate 10,000 World TravelX
leo.unblockcar.puzzle 10,000 Biaz Inc
mcmc.delicious.recipes 10,000 MochiMicho
mcmc.delicious.recipes 10,000 MochiMicho
multi.translate.threeinone 10,000 White Whale Studio
pro.infi.translator 10,000 World TravelX
rapid.snap.translate 10,000 Royal Chow Studio
smart.language.translate 10,000 Megapelagios
sundaclouded.best.translate 10,000 Sunda Clouded
biaz.jewel.block.puzzle2019 5000 Biaz Inc
biaz.magic.cuble.blast.puzzle 5000 Biaz Inc
biscuitent.imgdownloader 5000 Biscuit Ent
biscuitent.instant.translate 5000 Biscuit Ent
com.besttranslate.biscuit 5000 Biscuit Ent
com.inunyan.breaktower 5000 Titanyan Entertainment
com.leo.spaceship 5000 Leopardus studio
com.michimocho.video.downloader 5000 MochiMicho
fortuneteller.tarotreading.horo 5000 Sunda Clouded
ket.titan.block.flip 5000 Titanyan Entertainment
mcmc.ebook.reader 5000 MochiMicho
swift.jungle.translate 5000 White Whale Studio
com.leopardus.happycooking 1000 Leopardus studio
com.mcmccalculator.free 1000 MochiMicho
com.tapsmore.challenge 1000 Biscuit Ent
com.yummily.healthy.recipes 1000 MochiMicho
com.hexamaster.anim 500 Leopardus studio
com.twmedia.downloader 100 MochiMicho
com.caracal.burningman 50 Caracal Entertainment
com.cuvier.amazingkitchen 50 MajorStudioX
com.livetranslate.best MochiMicho

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