Google and Microsoft will help Polish students

Google and Microsoft will ensure that students during the Coronaferia and Coronalia are not bored. Companies provide G Suite and Office 365 suites for free to schools and universities.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Polish government decided to close schools and universities for at least two weeks. Pupils and students stayed at home to limit the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 disease. Well, at least because of this new coronavirus they should be sitting at home now.

Closing schools and universities due to coronavirus is a dream come true for young people and ... a big problem for adults.

Encouraging employees to work remotely and sending students home is intended to limit the spread of infection. However, not everyone takes these recommendations seriously. As expected, many pupils and students who usually cannot be chased away from the screens, have now desired a rich social life and want to explore the world.

Adults working remotely have the opportunity to take care of their own children, but people who still go to work now need to organize their care. The kids, however, have already described the current time as Coronaferia, and students do not take the threat seriously. They are not at risk and talk about these free days nonchalantly per Coronalia. And he wears them.


I admit that I am a bit surprised - I would use these two weeks of unexpected free time to catch up on Netflix and now I would play these few video games that I have been gathering for years. So I am glad that since pupils and students cannot mobilize themselves from sitting at home, corporations will help to keep them on their asses.

Google and Microsoft will provide schools with free access to G Suite and Office 365 , which will allow for remote learning.

Since, as it turned out, many adults can now work remotely, nothing prevents students from learning remotely. Instead of suspending education for two weeks completely, school and university teachers are encouraged to teach online. Google and Micorosoft help those who lack tools.

As the office of the Prime Minister informed Twitter, in connection with the forced closure of schools and universities, teachers can now conduct classes with pupils and students remotely. To make this possible, in agreement with the government, Google has made G Suite for Education available free of charge, and Microsoft - the Office 365 subscription in the educational option .

I hope that schools and colleges will now rise to the challenge and register in one or both programs, and that teachers will also work remotely so that their pupils and students can study remotely. If this means that at least some of the young people planning now social gatherings will not move from home, then we will all benefit from it.

Google and Microsoft will help Polish students


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