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Global version of Xiaomi Mi Watch may have been postponed due to coronavirus and inability to leave home

The Global presentation of the new Xiaomi Mi 10 had become one of the highest hopes that the Xiaomi Mi Watch would make its appearance beyond China. A first contact in the international market that unfortunately did not take place.

If we take into account the latest statements of Show Zi Chew , CFO of Xiaomi, he assured that the new Mi Watch was enchanting him and that in addition very soon we would see it appear in the Global market .

A statement that dates back to a date before COVID-19 declared a global pandemic, and that has probably been one of the main causes for the Global presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Watch has been postponed.

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Xiaomi Mi Watch design.

If we take into account the nature of the Xiaomi Mi Watch, going outside, exercising or training in the gym, are some of the main activities for which a user ends up buying a smartwatch.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch Global could have been postponed due to the coronavirus

Without going any further, the Mi Watch has FirstBeat, a technology specialized in monitoring our body, recognizing the levels of V02Max, the Training Effect, recovery times after workouts, calories burned, stress, detection and analysis of the dream, etc.

A use, which of course, is not the main one of the Xiaomi Mi Watch, but that would undoubtedly limit its usefulness taking into account the confinement that is practically being carried out throughout Europe due to the coronavirus.

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This could have caused the postponement of the global launch of the Xiaomi Mi Watch , if we again take into account the words of the Xiaomi CFO, ensuring that its international launch was going to be short.

Of course, this is not an official cause, much less, just a mere probability that arises in the current situation and therefore should not lower our hopes that the Xiaomi Mi Watch reaches beyond the Chinese borders.

Shou Zi Chew statement at : c.mi.com

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  2. Does anyone know if the Global version of the mi watch is coming to Europe.