Get the new Xiaomi indoor / outdoor surveillance camera for less than 20 euros

In addition to its smartphones, Xiaomi has an extensive catalog of household products. Among them we find various surveillance cameras and among which the new Xiaomi Smart Camera stands out .

This new camera, in addition to allowing us to use it indoors, allows it to be used outdoors thanks to its IP65 certification against dust and rain splashes. A very good option to monitor our home and that we can get it for less than € 20 on AliExpress if we use this discount coupon .

What the Xiaomi Smart Camera offers us

The new Xiaomi Smart Camera has 1080p video recording support and a wide angle of no less than 170º . Thanks to this, it is able to visualize with great clarity a large space in our home or garden. It also has night vision allowing us to see fully clearly in the dark.

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Its base is magnetic and includes a small speaker and microphone that not only allows us to record audio , but also make two-way calls . It also incorporates an advanced AI recognition system that will notify us instantly on our smartphone.

New Xiaomi Smart Camera, characteristics, specifications and price. Xiaomi  News

The new Xiaomi Smart Camera has a magnetic base.

As you might expect, it has WiFi through which we can connect it to our network to later manage, program or view live through the Xiaomi Mi Home application.

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