Free delivery has started on Allegro. Buy without leaving home

The Allegro Smart free delivery program is open for a month for all users. If you want to buy something, consider shopping on Allegro.

From today, for the next month (March 17 - April 18), Allegro makes Allegro Smart service available to everyone for free. It is a free delivery program that can be purchased by subscription as standard. Allegro Smart costs PLN 49 if paying for one year in advance or 8.99 if paying for one month. In the next 30 days, the program will be available to everyone for free.

Due to the current situation in the country and calls for staying at home and avoiding large gatherings, Allegro decided to support those who follow the recommendations and also families who want to shop for their loved ones - said François Nuyts, president of Allegro.

Allegro will cover delivery costs until April 18. What's more, the website has been completely fair and does not try to attract new customers of its subscription service. After the free period has expired, the service will automatically expire, without any fees for users, and without incentives to purchase it. Bravo!

How does Allegro Smart work ?

Free delivery on Allegro. This is a plan to support Poles in connection with the coronavirls

Allegro Smart is a free delivery and returns program, but beware: free delivery applies to a purchase for a minimum of PLN 40 from one seller. Auctions from Allegro Smart are marked accordingly.

Shipments are delivered through Parcel Lockers and collection points at Poczta Polska's outlets, Żabka stores, Orlen stations and Parcels in Ruch. For orders for a minimum of PLN 100, the courier option is also available.

How to activate the free Allegro Smart month?

To do this, go to the Allegro Smart website , confirm that you have read the regulations and activate the service with a large orange button. You can also activate the free month when shopping.

What about people who have already subscribed to Allegro Smart? The service also thought about them. Current customers can also take advantage of free deliveries for a month. The service subscription will be extended for one month. Chapeau bass, Allegro! This is a great and necessary gesture in the era of recommendations, not to leave the house to gather people. Pickup at the Parcel Locker is one of the safest forms of delivery for now. Remember that you can avoid touching Parcel Lockers by opening them with the application on your smartphone .

Free delivery has started on Allegro. Buy without leaving home


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