Fingerprint readers in screens will go to zetaphones

The fingerprint reader embedded in the screen has so far been the domain of smartphones from the top shelf with OLED screens. This will change thanks to Xiaomi Redmi smartphones.

Only a few years ago fingerprint scanners in smartphones that enable unlocking the device and logging in to specific applications were placed on the housing under the screen or on the back. Those times are gone.

Manufacturers have moved away from these solutions in favor of face scanners and fingerprint readers embedded directly in the screen. This forced them to get rid of the frames on the fronts of smartphones and to use glass panels on their backs.

However, fingerprint readers embedded in screens are only available on top-of-the-range phones for now.

The list includes smartphones such as Galaxy Note 10+, Huawei P30 Pro, OnePlus 7T, Xiaomi Mi Note 10, Realme X2 Pro, Asus ROG Phone 2, Vivo V17 Pro, Oppo Reno2, Nokia 9 PureView and Honor 20 Pro. These are all devices with a fairly high price and this is not the case.

The fact that fingerprint readers embedded in the display goes only to the devices from the top shelf is related to the fact that at the beginning producers were able to use this technology in OLED panels. They are in many ways better than LCD screens, but their production is more expensive.

It is possible for this reason that Apple decided to completely abandon Touch ID, as only some of its phones have OLED screens, and the cheapest ones are LCD panels. The company could have rejected this way of authentication everywhere, since this underlying iPhone cannot use it.

Fortunately, LCD screens with built-in fingerprint scanners are already on the last straight thanks to Xiaomi and Redmi .

Redmi, a sub-brand of the Chinese company Xiaomi, beloved in Poland, boasted that it managed to bypass the limitations of the LCD screen associated with backlight, which disturbed the work of fingerprint readers, thanks to which the screen will "see" the pattern on the finger in the infrared.

It is possible that the new screen type with a built-in reader will debut on the Redmi Note 9 or Redmi K30 Pro smartphone. In the future it can reach other devices, including zetafonów - telephones sold for 1 zloty in the subscription.

Fingerprint readers in screens will go to zetaphones


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