Finally, WhatsApp will allow us to enter our account from various devices

Beyond the Dark Mode that finally ended up coming to WhatsApp a few weeks ago, the development team of the most used instant messaging application continues to add interesting features.

Among them is the possibility of using our same WhatsApp account on several devices simultaneously , one of the most anticipated features and that is already in the latest beta.

Specifically, it is beta 2.20.110 , which has been developed so that we can use the same account on several devices, whether on a tablet, on several smartphones at the same time or in the desktop application.

In this way, unlike WhatsApp Web, we will not need to have a main device with battery and coverage, but we will be able to access our account from any device completely independently.

Finally, WhatsApp will allow us to enter our account from various devices. Xiaomi  News

New functionality in the WhatsApp Beta.

Undoubtedly, one of the most striking features that we have seen in recent months by WhatsApp, which although it comes late, will improve productivity and overall use of the application from any device.

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