Fibaro starts with the Marek Zone. We will find there checked products of other companies

The Fibaro system has long been famous for the fact that it can be integrated with hundreds or even thousands of products from various companies. From now on, choosing the right add-ons will be even easier.

At least because in the Brand Zone we will find products tested, proven and often used by installers of the Fibaro system. Not only that - products from this zone will be distributed and serviced by Fibaro. Both customers and installers are to benefit.

Brand zone , or actually what?

So - to put it simply - a list of third-party products that meet, among others appropriate quality criteria, properly integrate with the Fibaro system, and have already been tested on existing Fibaro installations. Plus are sold and serviced by Fibaro.

To make it even simpler - if there is something in the Brand Zone, then we can be sure that it will work with our home system.

Why is this important? Because we don't even need to search hundreds of offers for e.g. room thermostats, and then check on the Internet which one will work best with Fibaro. Instead, we enter the Brand Zone, browse the list of products and choose the thermostat that we like the most and has all the functions we need. It can't be easier.

This solution may also be useful even before we start designing our smart home. Thanks to it we can check which of the verified products we can look for next modules of our system.

At the moment, four companies have found their way into the Brand Zone.

Of which end users will be most interested in two of them.

The first is MCOHome, which produces Fibaro compatible thermostats and switches. I currently use two thermostats of this company to control underfloor heating (and not only) in two rooms and I admit - they work without problems. The MCOHome offer also includes air quality and noise sensors, which at the moment I add to the list of absolutely necessary purchases in the near future (I already have an idea for integration, including with roof windows).

The second company is Salto, although most people will associate the name of its products, i.e. Dynalock locks. These locks can be mounted on an existing mechanism and can optionally be enriched with an optional numeric keypad.

The other two companies, however, create products that installers will like. Eutonomy deals with the production of adapters for mounting Fibaro modules on a DIN rail, while HMS creates, among others adapters to connect Fibaro with air conditioners.

I am looking forward to more brands.

The richness of the offer of devices using the Z-Wave communication protocol is on the one hand a great advantage of the system, and on the other - it can cause a lot of confusion. After all, not everyone has the desire, time and desire to dig through e.g. a list of all available Z-Wave compatible thermostats on the market. Not to mention the search for information on the ease of integration with a home smart home system, as well as any service.

Here we get everything in one place and right away with the guarantee that the whole will be easy to enter into the system, while obtaining the appropriate level of integration. And at the same time, if we have the knowledge and desire, nothing prevents us from continuing to choose individual elements of the system ourselves, reaching for products from outside Sterfa brands.

I like it. I am just waiting for more recommended products to cover more home segments . I just don't know if my wallet will hold it.

Fibaro starts with the Marek Zone. We will find there checked products of other companies


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