E-school success: teachers will be able to create a meaningful timetable

Librus, the program on which much of the Polish e-school is based, has been better synchronized with external services and now allows you to add video lessons to your schedule.

Already a week after the introduction of e-education, we are starting to have a sensible program for creating a timetable. As it goes on, in a year we may even learn to lead them.

Librus facilitates integration.

Learning should not be based on forging pages 20 to 220 from the biology textbook and solving 58 tasks from the mathematics textbook in virtual lessons. Video conferencing, at least in theory, sounds like one way to break this trend and add variety to home lessons. During the conference, you can ask additional questions, dispel any student doubts and organize even a substitute for class discussion. And although I can't imagine conducting such classes in 30-person classrooms, I can't imagine meaningful education without them. At least for English, French or Russian classes. It is impossible to learn a foreign language by doing exercises, reading a grammar book and sticking words. To speak a foreign language well ... you have to try to speak it.

Therefore, Librus introduces the integration of its services with external platforms , such as Teams or Google Classroom, where video lessons can take place. Thanks to the new option Synergy meeting / online lesson marked with a camera icon will be shown to students in the Schedule and teachers in the Lesson Planner. Information on adding new classes will be sent to students via notification. Students, in order to get to lessons taking place on a specific platform, will simply have to click the link in the Plan.

The situation of the Polish school resembles a bitter joke - there is a test environment in every company. Some companies also have separate production environments.

Of course, no one could predict and prepare for a pandemic, and for the lack of a contingency plan for this circumstance, it's hard to blame anyone. However, the almost instantaneous transfer of all students to the network without giving teachers time to learn about the tools they must now use, and without thorough training, is nothing more than tests conducted on children, their parents and the teaching staff itself.

E-school success: teachers will be able to create a meaningful timetable


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