Drones to fight a pandemic - they monitor, drive, and embarrass

Drones during a pandemic are used to deliver parcels, monitor the area ... and publicly embarrass the rebel. Aerial monitoring is becoming increasingly popular.

More and more countries are using drones in a way that is likely to surprise, if not fear. From China through France to Spain, flying devices are used not only to monitor quarantined spaces, to provide medicines, but also to embarrass people who, despite bans, decide to leave the house.

British police try to embarrass walkers.

Derbyshire County Police in the UK have published a drone recording on Twitter in the picturesque countryside of Crubar. In the film, we first see a parking lot, seven cars standing on it. The message "these cars should not be here" appears on the screen. In the next minutes, likely car owners (their faces were blurred) are presented to the viewers caught in the act - among the offenses is walking the dogs, walking so far from home, taking photos on Instagram. The calculated offenses are summarized with the signature "not necessary". Finally, a board appears saying, "Government recommendations are clear - you should only travel if necessary."

Police communication, though creative, turned out to be unfortunate. Twitter has largely taken the monitored side. First of all, it was argued that the people in the film obey the rules of maintaining distance, and their trip to such remote areas could be dictated by an attempt to avoid the crowd of people exercising or walking dogs in nearby parks.


Yes, this drone is talking to you, please come home now!

The services of other countries are trying with the help of drones equipped with megaphones to drive defiant pedestrians to their homes. Devices flying above their heads send messages telling everyone who does not need to be on the street, quickly go to their places of residence. Madrid , Nice and China boasted such use of drones.

In Australia, they want to use drones to identify potential threats. The country's Department of Defense has signed a contract with Dragonfly to provide special dornos for a pandemic. They are to be able to measure the temperature of pedestrians, detect people coughing or sneezing.

Not only the pandemic is starting to worry, but also the ways to fight it.

More and more people are calling for extreme caution, not so much about the virus itself, but about the actions that are being taken to fight it. The use of drones to monitor people, the use of technology that measures body temperature and monitors the reactions of passers-by, locating the infected to track the epidemic may be of concern. All these are tools whose use may seem justified in these difficult times, but the illusion that they will disappear without any problem as soon as the coronavirus threat has passed can be a sign of exaggerated optimism, if not recklessness.

From Harari to Snowden, everyone emphasizes that any exceptions to the authorities' powers should be looked at carefully. Precautionary measures taken in exceptional circumstances often do not disappear with those circumstances. The threat against which society must be defended will always be found. And although it is most real now, it may not be in a while. But drones filming us above our heads will be real, measuring our temperature and governments checking how and where we are going.

Drones to fight a pandemic - they monitor, drive, and embarrass


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