Cyfrowy Polsat will introduce Plus Pay - a new mobile payment system

plus pay plus finance

Plus Pay and Plus Finanse are two new entities established by Cyfrowy Polsat. Details about them are not known, but their names speak for themselves: a new player will appear on the market, competing with Google Pay.

If we are subscribers of Cyfrowy Polsat or one of its companies, we will probably soon gain access to a new electronic payment system and financial services. Unfortunately, we know basically nothing about it - it was hulled as the first Editorial Board of Parkiet and unfortunately it was not possible to determine much more. However, the very entry of Cyfrowy Polsat into this type of service is extremely interesting.

Plus Pay and Plus Finance - what exactly is it? Probably financial services and electronic payment system.

- We are constantly working on expanding the offer for our clients. Mobile payments and financial services are a natural direction that we have been looking at for years. It perfectly fits into the Smart-DOM concept - reveals Maciej Stec, vice president in Parkiet. So there is no gossip or conjecture: Plus Pay and Plus Finances definitely have no misleading names.

Probably Plus Pay will be the equivalent of such services as Apple Pay or Google Pay. You will probably be able to pay for purchases made later using the telephone charges. In turn, Plus Finanse may be the equivalent of a competitive T-Mobile Banking Service, probably providing the subscribers of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat with attractive terms of cooperation with a partner bank.

However, we must firmly emphasize that these are only our speculations. The only fact in this announcement is the establishment of Plus Pay and Plus Finance entities by Cyfrowy Polsat and confirmation from the vice president that they are related to mobile payments and financial services. The rest, unfortunately, requires confirmation.

Cyfrowy Polsat will introduce Plus Pay - a new mobile payment system


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