Cyfrowy Polsat donated 2 thousand tablets

orphanages tablets

Due to the deepening crisis related to the coronavirus epidemic, schools provide their services remotely, via the Internet. This is a considerable problem for children from orphanages who can only dream of having a computer with access to the network. These dreams will come true.

Online education ? It wouldn't even be so bad if we lived in a slightly different reality. For example, one in which every child has easy and cheap access to modern IT solutions.

Unfortunately, this is not the case - and this means that some children have a forced and involuntary break from education. Fortunately, there are companies that have help and help.

Cyfrowy Polsat has provided two thousand tablets with Internet access for orphanages, family orphanages, foster families and childcare facilities.

This is a joint action of Cyfrowy Polsat, Plus and the Polsat Foundation. - Helping children has been a part of our Group's activity for years, we were happy to take action this time - says Mirosław Błaszczyk, President of the Management Board of Cyfrowy Polsat and Polkomtel, Plus network operator. - We want to help these families and children function in the new reality and provide remote access to knowledge, colleagues and loved ones. I hope that our support will help at least a bit, make contact with the school easier, doing homework more efficient and pleasant, and free time will be varied - adds Krystyna Aldridge-Holc, President of the Polsat Foundation.

I think that anyone reading this material can answer Krystyna that she will definitely help. We often forget that even the cheapest of these PCs or tablets, as well as Internet access, are unplanned expenses calculated in hundreds of zlotys for each student. And not all of us can enjoy parental support or income equal to or higher than the national average.


Cyfrowy Polsat donated 2 thousand tablets


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