Coronavirus is raging in the United States. Urged to "immediately close the country"

The situation in the United States is beginning to be described as one big catastrophe. The number of Americans infected with coronavirus is already greater than in Italy and China. Bill Gates demands that the country be closed immediately for at least six weeks.

The initial disregard of the problem by the rulers brought a deplorable result. Up to yesterday 85,500 were detected in the United States coronavirus infections, i.e. by 5,000 more than in Italy and by 4,000 more than in China, where the pandemic began.

Coronavirus in the United States

Many experts also warn that the number of infected in the United States is probably much higher - so far the services there performed 433 thousand tests, which with a population of 330 million is quite a poor result.

Added to this is the specifics of the American division of power - the United States is a federal state in which decisions to introduce regulations regarding restrictions on the free movement of people are made at the state level or even within individual cities.

This means, more or less, that one state can introduce very strict rules, close bars, restaurants and so on, but its inhabitants can go to a pizza to the neighboring state, where everything still works normally and as if nothing would come back to itself.

In addition, there is one more problem, which is that many companies in the United States do not offer their employees any opportunity to take health leave. We can therefore assume that some of those infected with coronavirus are still at work, infecting more people.

Add to this the fact that 27.5 million Americans have no medical insurance and the fact that since the beginning of the appearance of the coronavirus in the US, 3 million applications for unemployment benefit have already been submitted and we have a very dull picture of the whole situation.

Bill Gates demands the complete and immediate closure of the country

According to Gates , extreme shutdown for a period of 6 to 10 weeks is the best that the US government can introduce in the current situation. The billionaire has for years warned that the biggest danger to our civilization are undiscovered diseases and viruses. Let's add that quarantine is so far the only effective way to fight the spread of the virus, because we will probably wait for the vaccine until next year.

Gates's proposal, however, does not coincide with the ideas of those in power. US President Donald Trump wants everything to return to normal on April 12. In his opinion, healthy people can then go back to normal work, and the sick - continue quarantine at home.

Simple and logical, until we consider that the first week after being infected with coronavirus is practically asymptomatic. It can also be different with this healthy return to work.

In the further development of the situation, much depends on whether Trump begins to listen to the advice of experts who follow the plan proposed by Gates. In the current situation, everything depends on whether the citizens of a given country are able to voluntarily isolate themselves in their own apartments and whether the government is able to deal with logistics regarding the detection of new clusters of virus infection (tests) and symptomatic treatment of patients in the most severe condition (hospitalization) . For now, these are the only options to fight coronavirus. If someone pretends otherwise, they may have a problem.

Coronavirus is raging in the United States. Urged to "immediately close the country"


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