Check if you have a new Messenger

Messenger from Facebook got a favorable update. The messenger has been slimmed down and the additional functions have been hidden. Users have reason to be satisfied, while Facebook bots - not necessarily.

Old Messenger consisted of three basic tabs: chats , people and discover . The rules of chatting and people are rather obvious. In turn, after clicking the discover icon, a new screen appeared with proposals of popular companies, brands and bots. Facebook sent us content that he thought would be attractive and interesting to us.

Messenger has been pushing the concept of bots for a long time.

Thanks to the automatic answering systems we had theoretically unlimited possibilities. We could order a table in the restaurant, ask about the weather and arrange a visit to the hairdresser, all without having to wait for the other person on the other side. Bot responses were immediate, as were the services they provided.

That sounds great in theory. Zero delays. Zero communication noise. Zero expectations. Practice has shown, however, that the behavior of bots often deviated from our expectations. Artificial interlocutors were not always up to the challenge, and their practicality and usefulness were often questioned. However, Facebook saw these services as a source of profit and a way to indirectly monetize Messenger.

Virtual bins, Messenger comes out to people.

Apparently, the strategy based on automated profiles and automated responses did not work in the long run. Facebook decided to delete the entire tab discover from its flagship messenger. After installing the update, Messenger has only two main sections: chats and people .

The application has become lighter and more transparent. Unfortunately, the list of conversations continues to frighten us with appearing ads. However, considering how Facebook loves to reload its programs with unnecessary services and capabilities, the update can be considered a nice change from this modus operandi. In the case of instant messengers, simpler is better. Well, unless you really need these filters with a doggy neck.

The update removing the discover tab has been available to some users for some time. Now it has become available to everyone using Messenger.

Check if you have a new Messenger


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