Changes are coming on Allegro. News in Allegro Locally and sales support package

Changes are being made at Allegro. A support package will appear for sellers who have lower turnover due to the coronavirus outbreak. This includes news at Allegro Locally.

Allegro has recently implemented a free month of Allegro Smart package available to everyone . This means free delivery to Parcel Lockers when shopping for a minimum of PLN 40 and a free courier over PLN 100. It's time for something for sellers.

A new package is launched to support current and future sellers affected by the restrictions associated with the coronavirus epidemic. Allegro estimates the value of the aid at the equivalent of PLN 16 million.

The package includes four main news. Those are:

  • extending the payment period of the Allegro account for small enterprises from 14 to 60 days,
  • no sales fees for new entrepreneurs until July 31 (applies to new company accounts registered in April) and extended duration of Basic, power and Max packages in several automotive categories,
  • Loan with a refund of commission for natural persons conducting business activities,
  • suspension of previously announced fees increases and changes in the basis for calculating commissions in transactions other than with the delivery of Allegro Smart or with delivery for PLN 0.

Allegro fees for March and April can be postponed.

The extension of the Allegro payment period concerns commission fees for sales, promoting offers and other obligations. The solution applies to sellers using company accounts with the Polish NIP number, who in at least one of the last three months of 2020 (i.e. in January, February or March) achieved a total turnover of less than 50 thousand on all their Allegro accounts. zł.

You can postpone the payment for March and April to other dates, and Allegro will turn a blind eye to this by leaving the account active.

New entrepreneurs will not pay commission on sales.

This solution is intended for companies that had to give up physical stores. Allegro thus encourages online sales. New entrepreneurs on Allegro, regardless of the amount of turnover, can sell without commission until July 31. What does "new" mean? Namely, the account must be created in April, and the company was not previously registered on Allegro.

There is also the abolition of fees for exhibiting in automotive categories, on the same principles as above. Additionally, Allegro doubles the duration of all ad packages (Basic, Power and Max) in automotive categories.

For this there is a loan for sellers, as well as the suspension of previously announced fee increases. You can find more about this on Allegro websites .

There are also news at Allegro Locally.

The first is the lower fee for sales in ads with buy now or bidding option:

  • in the Electronics category with 10% up to 4.9 percent
  • in other categories from 10% to 7.9 percent

At the same time, the maximum sales charge, which was PLN 50, disappeared, which is not good news for people who sell items of significant value.

There is also a possibility to distinguish ads, which works on similar principles as on Allegro. In addition, you can also observe ads from now on. All offers that you observe on Allegro Locally can be found both in the tab Watched on Allegro Locally and in Watched offers on Allegro.

The changes should already be visible for buyers and sellers on Allegro.

Changes are coming on Allegro. News in Allegro Locally and sales support package


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