Career planning helps you answer: the first days of the workplace

For office workers working day after day, the grand dream was forgotten in a busy and dull life. Looking at myself, I found that this high-level job has been for many years. Although life is not too bad, I can't see any signs of improvement. Where is the future?

It's not a bad time for a person to have a small life, but every time a class reunion, I heard that there is a car and that there is a room. Looking at myself, I found that I have nothing. After so many years, I am still "on the road". what happened? Confused and sleepy.

Recently, I accepted the China Radio International interview on the topic of "when is the first day?" And talked with the audience and netizens about career planning, and directly answered some netizens' specific questions, including career goals, including Lost in work, I don't know if I should give up my current job? Should I change jobs? What if you are tired of work?

Interested friends can click the link below to listen to topics and specific answers to netizens' questions.

The following are the messages and confusions of many netizens. In the interview, I gave specific answers to the questions of netizens.

Xiao Yan
My job has been going on for a year and three months, and it's a pretty awkward time. Without the enthusiasm for the initial challenge, only tedious mechanical work remained. I have thought about whether to change jobs, but unfortunately, since the financial crisis broke out, I have no idea of ​​changing jobs. The phrase "want to change but lacked courage" was just right. .

I have been in my current position for 5 years ... Although I haven't made much progress. But in comparison, I have made a small achievement. Recently, I have become more and more willing to change jobs, to change the environment, and reduce the kind of work now Invisible pressure ... but changing jobs a bit blindly, I don't know where to start ... a bit confused ...

I have been in the company of my hometown for three years, and I am mixed up every day. I was very busy. I followed my boyfriend to the metropolis three years later, and found that I had lost nothing for three years. I found a current job in order to live. The front desk of a small company holds the lowest salary in the company. I hope that learning something can change my status and have a stable and good income. But I am still confused. Can I come back again when I am nearly thirty? ? ? Cry! !!

The little girl did not go to college, graduated from high school, and her work was very bumpy. She had no education and experience in the first two years. She did sales in a specialty store for one year. After working hard, she became the manager, but she was not satisfied. Actually, there was a client in the store who asked me to go to his company to do finance. I wo n’t. He said that he could study, but I felt it was fake. It seemed to be a lie, so I did n’t go. I met a friend after about 3 months. Later, the company that came to the status quo made a small white-collar worker. The salary is now 2K a month, but I will work harder and learn more from you and give feedback. Thank you.

It's a pity to throw up the work for a long time. If you persist, you will never see the future. The retreat doesn't go, the retreat is weak. The righteous haven't developed, and the next door has gained momentum. Nothing new, you can do it right, otherwise your line is zero.

Ready to start a business with a few like-minded people after graduation ...

After graduating, he changed his career (undergraduate), did 8 years of accounting, and finally passed the intermediate title (4K). In the 5th year, he took the qualification exam for a gold medal occupation (CPA). However, I later found that the hidden rules were needed to obtain the certificate (it has been tested for 3 years) and I wanted to transfer to the same qualification certificate in a foreign country, but the 4 majors told me that it cannot be used in China. The relationship received a qualification certificate. I don't know how to go forward ...

Lions don't fight with mice
Before the age of 30, I changed jobs at most every two years. I had done quality, cost, finance, warehouse management, and business. But now in their early 30s, they have achieved nothing, and still do business. Because they constantly change each job, there is no major achievement, but I am familiar with these workflows and content. The leaders of each position (including the current ) I am very sure of my job and even a master's manager praised me for my ability and attitude, and set me as a model in the department, but what's the use? Since the company is a sales company, the leadership rotation frequently changes, and the management style that has just adapted to a leader has changed, and has not been promoted, so it is very confused about the future. . . . . Depression returns to depression, but I always warn myself and maintain a good attitude, constantly learning to enrich myself and improve my ability. Today I have this platform to share my inner world with friends, I feel much better, haha ​​~~~
Go to work and work on time every day for almost two years. I want to change positions in the same job. The leader said that you are doing a good job. If you are afraid that others will not do it, you will not have to change. Feeling very depressed. The most depressing is that the company at work is good, but the place where the company is located makes me completely unacceptable. Even if I want to go to training, there is no training. It is not enough to enrich myself. Every day after work, I go back to the Internet. Life is completely meaningless I want to resign, but what do I do after I resign? The family said it was not very good, but they couldn't understand my disgust about the current life, I was very unhappy every day, because I have not done professional work for the past two years Now that I have forgotten all my majors, what should I do? It is not to leave, but to see no hope or light. I ’m really crazy. I ’ve graduated almost two years ago. I have no career, no love, no future. I do n’t have what I should or should n’t. Is it my first day to make me disappear?


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