Apple is preparing on-ear AirPods

The operating system for Apple mobile devices has many surprises. One of them is the icons of the on-ear headset, which symbolize the new, unpublished AirPods model.

The iOS code has repeatedly found information about devices that have not yet had their official release. Very often we learn about their existence through graphic files with symbols that are to represent them later.

The latest accessory we've come across in this way are the new AirPods wireless headphones.

Apple has been planning to release headphones on its own brand for two years. We have now received confirmation that something is indeed on the point. It is true that these are not renders, or even more official photos, but the icons themselves give us some view on this equipment.

New graphic symbols symbolizing the headphones were detected in the early version of iOS 14. They are part of, among others widget that shows the charge status of the accessories. Based on the fact that two twin-looking icons have appeared, it can be concluded that Apple is working on two versions of headphones that differ in color.

Most likely one set will be white, or just bright, and the other black or almost black.

It's interesting and surprising in that AirPods and AirPods Pro are available only in white. However, as in the case of in-ear headphones, this color is already iconic, so in the case of ear-sets that are large, larger and more conspicuous, not everyone would have to match.

As for the dimensions of the headphones, it can be concluded from the icon that they will be really big and cover the whole ears, and the soft material will be almost as thick as the casing. I also can't imagine that the new AirPods do not have active noise reduction, since this solution went to AirPods Pro.

It is only worth remembering that the AirPods on-ear set will not be the first headphones of this type from Apple.

The company from Cupertino bought the Beats company producing audio equipment from HTC years ago and from time to time it publishes new headphones from this brand. The latest models even got the features known from AirPods, because Apple installs in them the same W1 and H1 chips as in the sets bearing its own logo.

Thanks to this, in addition to AirPods and AirPods Pro, Apple's offer includes, in addition to numerous wired headphones, many wireless sets. Among them are intrathecal Beats X, sports Powerbeats 3 and PowerBeats Pro, on-ear Beats Solo 3 and Beats Solo Pro, and on-ear Beats Studio3.

All these sets have similar functions as both generations of AirPods and AirPods Pro.

Headphones equipped with Apple's original chips can be conveniently paired with all Cupertino equipment connected to the Face ID account and easily shared with others for shared listening from the same source. In addition, the processors reduce latency and improve the range compared to ordinary Bluetooth.

I just wonder how Apple will name its over-ear headphones, since the name AirPods Pro has already been used in the in-ear model with active noise reduction. AirPods Pro Plus? AirPods Pro Max? AirPods Pro Pro? It's hard to say, but we should find out within a few months.

As for the price, I don't expect miracles here. Since you need to pay 1249 PLN for in-ear AirPods Pro, which is almost as much as for Beats Solo Pro on-ear (1349 PLN) and on-ear Beats Studio 3 (1499 PLN). I won't be surprised if the new version of AirPods is priced at PLN 1999.

Apple is preparing on-ear AirPods


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