Antutu Benchmark has fallen out of Google Play

Antutu is a popular application for checking the performance of Android smartphones and tablets. The program unexpectedly dropped out of the Google Play store. All because of unclear relationships with Cheetah Mobile.

Many people may wonder where to download Antutu now, which is a program for checking the performance of Android mobile devices. The benchmark of devices working under the control of the mobile operating system from Google flew out of the Google Play store, and there is nothing at the developer profile address .

Antutu disappears Google Play

It is worth noting that the disappearance of the basic version of Antutu from Google Play, like Antutu 3DBench and AItutu Benchmark, coincided with the purge in the Android app store. Google removed programs that were related to the shady Cheetah Mobile, which was stealing user data.

Apparently, however, there is no reason to panic, and in this particular benchmark we are not dealing with gross violations of privacy or leakage of user data. This disappearance of the application is allegedly a simple mistake, and Antutu has no connection with Cheetah Mobile, in fact , its creators say .

Where to download Antutu if not from Google Play?

People who would like to download Antutu can still do so. Although the application is not in the official Android application repository, the Google system allows you to install programs from outside of it. Just enable the option of downloading software from unknown sources.

To install the application on Android from outside Google Play, you must of course have the installation file. Fortunately , the Antutu developers found a link to the APK file - although it is somewhat hidden. You can download it ... by clicking or touching the Get it on Google Play button.

What instead of Antutu?

If someone wants to check the performance of their Android device and does not feel like installing applications from outside the store, they can use a different benchmark. In this category, apart from Antutu, programs such as Geekbench 5 , 3DMark and PCMark are also popular. Each of them is available on Google Play.

Antutu Benchmark has fallen out of Google Play


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