Amazfit PowerBuds headphones and futuristic HomeStudio treadmill finally go on sale

After presenting itself at the beginning of January, Huami has finally launched its new Amazfit PowerBuds , a multi-functional headset capable of optimizing our physical activity by monitoring our heart rate.

In addition, alongside these headphones, Huami has also started to market the Amazfit HomeStudio , a futuristic treadmill that adds a 43-inch screen and a set of powerful JBL speakers .

For now, this new launch is only aimed at the Chinese market, although it is most likely that in the coming months we will see at least the Amazfit PowerBuds in the international market. For now, only in some stores like PowerPlanetOnline can be reserved for around 99 euros.

What Amazfit PowerBuds offer

The new Amazfit PowerBuds arrive made of highly resistant plastic, which is covered in silicone gel that is pleasant to the touch and above all, a better feeling after long hours of use.

New Amazfit PowerBuds, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi  News

Their weight is only 7 grams and thanks to their "Plug-to-Go" design they fit our ears allowing us not to worry about them falling even doing intensive exercises .

Inside we find a large diaphragm, thus offering a high fidelity sound experience. In addition, a complex system of active noise cancellation is incorporated thanks to its double microphone that helps to filter ambient noise, thus improving that we can clearly hear not only our favorite music, but any telephone conversation.

New Amazfit PowerBuds, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi  News

Another of its great innovations is its integrated heart rate sensor. Specifically, the new Amazfit PowerBuds are capable of continuously monitoring our heart rate, updating the values ​​obtained in real time while enjoying our favorite music and sports.

Its autonomy amounts to 8 hours thanks to the 55mAh battery incorporated in each earpiece . In addition, if we use its case (extra 450mAh) we can extend its duration up to 24 hours . This is achieved thanks to its optimized audio playback design and the low power consumption of Bluetooth 5.0 BLE .

New Amazfit PowerBuds, features, specifications and price. Xiaomi  News

From the rest we find ourselves with 16.8 × 21.4 × 26.8mm sports headphones that add IP55 waterproof and sweat certification. Likewise, on the sides of each earpiece we find a touch panel from which we can control the playback of music, activate the voice assistant or even accept calls.

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