A new render shows us how the renewed design of the Redmi Note 9 will be

Yesterday Redmi confirmed the existence of the new Redmi Note 9 and also its presentation date that has been scheduled for this March 12 . In addition, the firm let us see small details of this expected smartphone as its quad rear camera distributed in a rather unusual way for what we are used to.

Now, fueling even more the desire to know how the new mid-range throne candidate will finally be, the well-known designer Benjamin Geskin shows us how the design that Redmi Note 9 will take, in great detail, both in its frontal area as in its rear.

As we can see under these lines and taking into account this new render, the Redmi Note 9 will join the fashion of perforated selfie camera screens. In this case and like the Xiaomi Mi 10 itself, its only front camera will be located in the left area of ​​the terminal.

A new render shows us how the renewed design of the Redmi Note 9 will be. Xiaomi Addicted News

In this way and together with a lower frame , the Redmi Note 9 will become one of the smartphones of its own range with better screen utilization.

If we do not go to its back we can observe a totally unusual design where its four cameras form a fairly squared silhouette . A design that you may like more or less and that partly reminds us of other terminals of certain brands.

As we said, a very innovative design that brings us closer to high-end terminals but without losing the essence of the Redmi Note range that as always maintains one of the best quality / price ratios.

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