A great return to the air! "Home games" - the second season of the miniseries since April in Polsat!

"Home games" are back on the air! The second season of the comedy miniseries about the Czechoski family will debut in Polsat on April 12.

Mama Agnieszka (Barbara Wypych) is an accountant and operational brain. She makes the most important home decisions and keeps the whole family in check. Marek's husband (Jakub Wieczorek) is the owner of a car workshop and at the same time an avid football fan. Together, they raise two children - Helenka (Karina Woźniak) and Tadzik (Maks Balcerowski). They could never complain of boredom, but this time there will be a real revolution in the life of the Czechosques! In the first episode they will move from the house to their own home.

Changing the environment is also a change in the current lifestyle and new neighbors. Already on a good day we will meet the lovable neighbor Majka (Zuzanna Lit), a culinary vlogger whose personal charm Agnieszka will be jealous of. Meanwhile, Marek will finally decide to hire an employee for his home workshop. In this way we will meet Rysiek Pech (Wojciech Solarz), whose name reveals a lot, because it will cause him many funny twists and intrigues and elation. Football will be the leitmotif of the whole series, so fans will certainly find an extra thread of understanding with the characters in the series.

The second season of the "Home games" miniseries will consist of 8 six-minute episodes and will be broadcast on Polsat every Sunday from April 12 at 18:40. The miniseries partner is Santander Bank Polska.

The producer of "Home games" is Lulu Production.

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