60 days with Empik Premium for free on the occasion of coronavirus

Empik Premium is cheaper or even free access to literature, podcasts and radio plays, as well as to courier orders for PLN 0 as well as special discounts and promotions on items sold on Empik.com.

Companies are doubling and tripling to encourage us to stay at home and convince us that life within four walls does not have to be so scary. At this time, we can learn to crochet stylish keyboard covers, view all outstanding episodes of Fashion for Success, or catch up with the postponed reading. The implementation of this last plan will be helped by the new Empik action, which gives free access to Empik Premium for two months.

To take advantage of the promotion, please visit the specially prepared Home Time page and enter your email address in the appropriate place. The premium code will appear on the website and will be sent to us by email. You only need to create an account in the application and enter the code in the appropriate place and you can enjoy 60 days of Premium for free.

Empik Premium : bookworms rub their hands - 11,000 e-books and audiobooks for free

10,000 are available in the Empik Go application. free ebooks and a thousand audiobooks, as well as numerous radio plays and podcasts. Everyone should find at least one title there that interests him and is available free of charge. In the free list of books to be listened to, we find popular Polish detective stories, horror films, a lot of fantasy, as well as beautiful literature, including Nosowska's "And I told her ...", Wohlleben's "Secret Life of Trees" and the great French contemporary novel "Vernon Subutex "Despentes. If someone wants to make up for the classics, in the application you will find, among others, one of the favorite readings of high school students - "Master and Małgorzata" Bułchakow.

If the book we are hunting for is not available for free, it is worth remembering that access to more titles can be bought additionally. Empik Premium is only part of the subscriptions offered by the store, for this you can also buy a separate subscription for audiobooks or ebooks - the first two weeks of using it will be free. If we want to test it, now is a great opportunity to do it.

60 days with Empik Premium for free on the occasion of coronavirus


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