10 GB additional transfer for each T-Mobile customer

t-mobile free internet quarantine coronavirus

We didn't expect such a long sitting time at home. A side effect of quarantine is much higher internet consumption. T-Mobile will give us all 10 GB more, so that we will not lack it in this difficult time.

T-Mobile provides 10 GB of mobile Internet packet to support its users in free functioning without leaving home. It can be activated by all individual customers of the operator - both those with a subscription and users of Mix and pre-paid offers.

How to receive free Internet from T-Mobile during quarantine? The operator has prepared a 10 GB data packet.

People interested in the gift can activate it in the My T-Mobile application. This option will be available from Friday March 20 to Sunday March 22. From now on, users will receive confirmation of the parcel within 72 hours. As soon as this happens, they can benefit from an additional data limit valid for 7 days for MIX and pre-paid customers and up to the end of the billing cycle for subscribers.

In addition, in the My T-Mobile application, subscription customers can also take advantage of free 7 GB for completing their profile and 6 GB for Visa payments at any time. Thank you for the gift. Certainly it will be very useful.

10 GB additional transfer for each T-Mobile customer


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