You are struggling with fears - go for a walk. Youtuber s golden advice for struggling with disorders

Positive thinking for depression, anxiety walk with a friend. Such advice given by online celebrities can be more dangerous than the recommended quack of vitamin C infusions.

Jake Paul, a known youtuber especially popular among younger Internet users, decided to share his thoughts on dealing with anxieties ... Although thoughts in this case are a bit exaggerated.

We may already be accustomed to the not-so-wise Internet advice of stars, but such advice can have tragic consequences. It's like telling a person suspected of getting cancer to be in the fresh air more. He will definitely feel better.

Anxiety? Fill your mind.

The golden advice to 3.7 million Jake Paul followers is:

Remember, your fears are created by you

Sometimes you have to let life play your rhythm, remember to be happy and that the solutions will come by themselves.

Calm your mind

go on a walk

talk to a friend.

Jake Paul, after posting these enlightened councils on the Internet, did not fail after a few hours to shoot himself in the other knee, and then correct in the foot.

He first added in the next post that "your fears will accumulate if you allow them", and finally rebuked those who criticize him, explaining that he is doing good, raising people's awareness of anxiety and anxiety.

In this way, Paul managed to first advise people that they should simply chill, and their fears will pass, then blame them for the fact that his magical method does not lead to the conclusion that he is a hero who helps the sick.


Although both tweets have already been removed, the previous answer was 17,000. times. As you can guess, they were not mostly praise. Some commentators directly condemned youtuber's advice, others thanked him ironic for making a breakthrough in psychology and immediately curing thousands of people suffering from anxiety for years.

You can laugh at this post, but you can only through tears. Mental illnesses are taking their toll all over the world, and the system to support those struggling with them is inefficient to the greatest extent, both in the United States and Poland.

We treat a broken leg with a positive attitude, a hand walks.

The worst thing is that Jake Paul is no exception. Blaming a person suffering from a mental disorder for the inability to self-fix is ​​an attitude found on the Internet and beyond, far too often. As if the patients suffered at their own request, from laziness or stupidity.

Beata Pawlikowska is a celebrity in our Polish yard who became famous for similar weight in her advice on depression. In my book, "I Came Out of Infirmity and Depression. You can too, "she wrote, among others:

In my experience, depression can be cured in three steps:

1. Regain inner balance.
2. Stand on your feet.
3. Make a conscious effort to change your thinking habits in your subconscious mind.

On the other hand, she presented going to therapists, taking medicine, consulting with mental health specialists as a solution at best, unnecessary:

I know it sounds like something difficult. Find wrong data stored somewhere in the underground of your soul? Ala how? On the couch at the psychoanalyst, paying one hundred zlotys per hour? Impossible!

At worst, harmful and compared to alcohol "treatment":

In my opinion, depression cannot be cured permanently with medicine. Pills can bring temporary relief because they allow you to feel less. But just because you feel less doesn't mean that your problems disappear automatically. It's just a momentary forgetfulness. It's like drinking a glass of strong alcohol that has anesthetized you and will distract you, but it doesn't bring you closer to healing, on the contrary

It was, as in the case of Jake Paul, embellished with the conviction that he would help and convey the healing truth that he had gained through his priceless experience .

It's hard to argue with such arguments. Pawlikowska even writes:

I have no doubt that this is the only way. I'm sure of it based on my own experience.

It's like I'm sure Australia doesn't exist. I haven't been there, and the animals that supposedly come from there look at least suspicious (kangaroos? Seriously, who believes in them?). Australia (like Finland ) does not exist. Scientific research or relationships of thousands of people can hide, because they do not result from my experience.

Giving advice: just relax, and everything will be fine, talk to friends and go for a walk, it is extremely irresponsible. It's a bit like people giving them do not believe in the existence of serious disorders that can not be spread by walking on the most sunny day. Flipping up, cheerful attitude or smiling in the mirror will help with depression or anxiety more or less like an open fracture in the leg. Reaffirms his belief that he should manage alone and not seek the help of specialists.

Perhaps it is worth extending the "first of all do not harm" principle from doctors to all who try to speak publicly about health, whether mental or physical. Depression or anxiety disorders cannot be cured by thinking positive or leaving home more often. These types of suggestions can be deadly for it.

You are struggling with fears - go for a walk. Youtuber's golden advice for struggling with disorders


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