Yes, the Chinese are doing competition for Google Playa. No, there is no Huawei in this fairy tale

News of the agreement between the four largest Chinese smartphone manufacturers turned out to be exaggerated. Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo actually cooperate on the competition for the Google Play store, but they do not confirm Huaweia's participation in the GDSA project.

Xiaomi , Oppo and Vivo are part of the Global Developer Service Alliance and work together to create competition for Google Play - albeit not directly. It is true that companies do not want to create one application store, but these three huge Chinese smartphone manufacturers have decided that they will create a platform for programmers that will allow them to upload programs to three repositories simultaneously.

It would be a lot easier. Currently, programmers, if they want to be present in application stores from individual manufacturers, must download their software separately. Developers are reluctant to go beyond the two most popular stores with mobile software, namely Google Play and the App Store, as giants such as Microsoft and Amazon have learned painfully.

Two days ago I went around the world while on alleged part GDSA had become Huawei .

However, this did not happen - or at least this is not confirmed by the main stakeholders. As reported on Thursday , the source of news about Huawei's participation in the Global Developer Service Alliance was Reuters, but Xiaomi quickly cut off from these rumors. We were also able to obtain the position of the Polish branch of Oppo, which also does not confirm the reports on this subject.

GDSA is a technical platform for developers, allowing only for easier sharing of application installation files (so-called APK), not an application store. The initiative is co-created by Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo - we read in a statement sent to us by Oppo Polska

Huawei has not yet answered our questions on this matter, but it seems that Reuters information has not come true. This is bad news for fans of a Chinese company that cannot do business with, among others Google by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. Without the support of other Chinese brands, developing the App Gallery will be much more difficult.

The collaboration of all four Chinese giants would be something that Google would have to reckon with.

Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo still have access to Google services and are happy to use it. Although they create a platform within the Global Developer Service Alliance for uploading APK files to several stores at the same time, but their combined market share is not so significant - they are large brands, but they are, taking into account global smartphone sales, outside the podium.

Adding Huaweia to this project, which took global place in 2019 - despite perturbation - the second place, would make the GDSA platform a real counterweight to Google Play. The cooperation between Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and Huawei would allow to send the file with the application to the stores on the smartphones of producers who are already responsible for 40 percent. global sales.

The problem is that Huawei is most interested in creating competition for Google Play.

Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo do not have to divorce Google at the moment, and a leap to the side and a commune with Huawei could harm their relationship. Parting would be painful for both Xioami, who has a strong position in Europe and Poland , as well as for Oppo, which has been present on our market for only a year, as well as Vivo, whose debut in the country on the Vistula we are still waiting for (and we expect it this year ).

Of course, Chinese companies must be careful - it is not excluded that the attention of Donald Trump will be focused on them at any moment. They are now well on their way to chasing Apple and start treading Samsung's heels, and they can get banned from working with Google at any time. At the moment, Huawei is not their ally, but it is not said that it will not become it in the future.

It should not be forgotten that the competition for Google Play is just one of many pieces of the puzzle. The problem for Huaweia is not only the largest repository of programs for Android, but also other Google services such as YouTube, Google Maps and Google Pay. Creating such is even more of a challenge than an application store.

Yes, the Chinese are doing competition for Google Playa. No, there is no Huawei in this fairy tale


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