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Xiaomi patents a new 2-in-1 SIM with 5G and integrated internal storage

Beyond its fast speed, 5G will allow us to view and download content in 4K and other high-quality resolutions more easily and quickly. Even so, this type of content occupies a large storage space, something that Xiaomi has taken into account by registering a new 5G SIM with integrated internal memory .

In detail, this new patent registered by Xiaomi shows us a revolutionary card that combines the functionalities of a traditional SIM with a storage space. All this would be integrated into a small card so that it would take up less space than the current options we have in the SIM + microSD market.

5G storage and connectivity in the same SIM

This new SIM would provide access to the network and 5G mobile coverage, thereby allowing speeds of more than 1Gbps . At the same time, it would fulfill the same functionalities of a microSD card but if you had to use another component.

Xiaomi patents a new SIM with 5G and integrated storage. Xiaomi Addicted News

As we can see in the image above, both functionalities would be integrated in the same "hybrid" card , incorporating the SIM in one of its sides, so that, just to the opposite side, add the storage.

Undoubtedly, this new technology could revolutionize the smartphone market , allowing us to expand the internal storage of our mobile device without the need for it to have an extra slot for microSD.

For now, only the patent registration is recorded. That is why it is unknown at what stage of development is this revolutionary 2-in-1 SIM raised by Xiaomi that promises to forget the capacity of our smartphone

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