Windows 7 apparently doesn t want to go down in history. Microsoft has broken the system again

Windows 7 does not want to go down in history so much that it, when turned off, refuses to obey. "You don't have the authority to do it, miserable mortal." Machine revolt? No, rather another of the faults.

Windows 7 at the end of its free service support period worked quite well. Problems began after the last set of patches and updates in the history of this system, after which a significant part of users disappeared Desktop wallpaper . Microsoft was forced to release an additional set of patches to what it broke - even though Windows 7 was not to be updated anymore.

But that's not the end. More and more users are complaining about Internet and computer shutdown problems. After trying to press the Close button, the system threatens and boldly responds with feedback that the user does not have the right to do so. Windows 7 clearly doesn't want to leave.

Windows 7 does not turn off the computer. It responds with a message about the lack of permissions.

Microsoft confirmed that it received information about system problems, although so far no one from the company has explicitly confirmed that we are expecting an update to fix the problem. In theory, a company can wash their hands of it, claiming that the system is beyond service support. Such a decision, however, could be not very favorable image-after all, the fault appeared just after the end of the free support time.

For now, the easiest way to turn off the affected computer with Windows 7 - apart from manually cutting off the power - is to log in to a second account with administrative privileges (if you do not have one, you can create one), log in back to ours and turn off the computer. However, we hope that Microsoft will once again break its own schedule and publish a free improvement, despite the fact that the system was officially and as announced, it was abandoned on January 14 this year.

Windows 7 apparently doesn't want to go down in history. Microsoft has broken the system again


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