We have already checked Pokemon Home, which is a new home for Pokemon in the cloud for Switch and smartphones

Pokemon Home is the successor of Pokemon Bank, which is the new management center for the collection of Pokemon from Nintendo games consoles. The creatures moved to the cloud, and thanks to the smartphone application I can exchange them even without taking the Switch. I'm delighted.

Developers from the Game Freak studio two decades ago came up with the idea that they would allow players to move Pokemon caught in already released games to the next. At first, however, it was not very simple and worked only between the 1st and 2nd generation and separately from the 3rd generation upwards. It also required, for example, to place a game cartridge for GameBoy Advance in a special slot in a newer Nintendo console or to have two copies of devices from the DS family.

There were several such methods of taking Pokemon with you to the next games, but the last two generations released for the 3DS console - and the emulated games from the first two - are compatible with the Pokemon Bank application available only on this platform. It is a service that allows you to transfer specimens from saved records on a cartridge (or directly on the console in the case of digital versions) to an external server and back to compatible games.

Pokemon Bank Sun Moon

Now it's time for Pokemon Home , which is the successor of Pokemon Bank .

The new service for managing Pokemon collections, collected in some cases for over 20 years, consists of two de facto applications synchronized with the cloud - one for Switch and one for smartphones. However, they are not the same programs with an interface adapted to the device. To take full advantage of the opportunities offered by Pokemon Home announced many months ago , you need to use the edition on both platforms.

This, seemingly main version of Pokemon Home on the Nintendo console is used to transfer Pokemon from Switch games to the cloud. You can manage your collection and complete your Pokedex player - such independent of those for the characters in individual games. The smartphone application with Android and iOS systems allows you to browse your collection, check the player's Pokedex and ... exchange the acquired specimens with players from around the world.

There is no better proof that for Nintendo and Game Freak this mobile edition of Pokemon Home is the most important.

Always for multiplayer in the Pokemon series games, which existed from the first generation - then two GameBoy consoles were connected with a special cable, today the Internet is enough - two modules consisted. They were and are PvP fights and exchange of creatures between players. Nintendo decided to castrate the trading system in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield games, and the missing elements went to a new mobile application.

pokemon home switch application android iphone transfer pokemon bank

Thanks to this, I always have my Pokemon collection with me and for the first time in history I can exchange with other players even without taking the Nintendo console. It is enough for me to transfer selected specimens from save games to the cloud once and keep them there. In addition to the option of exchanging with friends, the Wonder Trade system is also extended and the Global Trade Station service known for the main series allows you to trade with strangers.

Pokemon Home is also the answer to the lack of all creatures in the games Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield .

The wash bucket spilled on the developers from Game Freak studio, because in the new installments for the Nintendo Switch console not all the previously released creatures have been coded . It is true that several new species appeared as part of the update, and the next ones will reach us as part of the DLC , but we still have a strange situation - in the games of the eighth generation main series, the variety of species is less than in Pokemon GO, in which there are only five .

However, it seems that Nintendo wants to completely change our approach to completing Pokemon. The company wants players to collect full Pokedex primarily in the Pokemon Home service, and subsequent games will give access to completely new and only parts of previously released creatures. I admit that I understand this approach, which is actually forward-looking. Certainly, however, many players will piss off a small snag.

pokemon home application switch android iphone premium

Pokemon Home is paid extra

The free version exists, but it has draconian restrictions, such as the ability to keep only 30 instead of 6,000 in the cloud. At the same time, it's hard to consider it more than a demo version. Comforting is the fact that Pokemon Home on the Nintendo Switch console does not require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If someone needs a smartphone exchange system, they may stop paying for the subscription with the console manufacturer.

However, Nintendo Switch Online is still required to fight online and exchange games directly with others, so many people will pay for not one, but two services. It's so good that players can now use the Pokemon Bank service for free for a month - although it's a shame I didn't know it before I extended Pokemon Bank a few days ago for a year to use it once only after the premiere of Pokemon Home.

After all, I do not regret a single zloty spent, because the new idea of ​​the creators of the Pokemon series is a hit.

Usually, after passing the story in subsequent Pokemon games - and after collecting all the new specimens on the Pokemon Bank servers to have at least one copy of each Pokemon genre in it at the same time - I put these games in a corner. Another cartridge landed in the console at the time, and the digital versions were lost under the sheer volume of other icons. Every day, however, for over three years I have been launching mobile Pokemon GO, because ... it's always at hand.

pokemon home android iphone application

In the update of the Niantic game there is an extensive combat system - both PvE and PvP, and in this case also remotely via the Internet - which makes me play every day. Exchanges in mobile production require meeting face to face, but in Pokemon Home there are no such restrictions and that's why now I am looking for new ads in Global Trade Station to get remote specimens that I don't have yet.

Interestingly, Pokemon Home is now partly compatible with Pokemon GO , and we will see full integration soon.

The Niantic game was to be compatible with those released on 3DS and the Pokemon Bank service , but nothing came of it. Instead, integration with the first titles from the series released on Switch was successfully implemented. You can transfer to them creatures from the region of Kanto and Meltan and his evolution, Melmetal, i.e. two species that are only obtained in Pokemon GO - and only after connecting this edition to smartphones with Pokemon Let's GO Pikachu and Pokemon Let's GO Eevee .

Thanks to this integration, Pokémon from the 1st generation caught in Pokemon GO can be moved to the first two games of the Switch series, and then into the cloud, and Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield after Pokemon Home, the successor of Pokemon Bank - and this it's not over The direct integration of the Niantic mobile game with the new service has already been officially announced, although it is not yet known exactly how it will look and when the update will appear.


However, I know that I'm Pokemon Home delighted despite the many technical problems.

The new service is exactly the same as any other Nintendo network solution - technically handicapped. Details are frustrating, including the inability to log in to it using a keychain and Face ID authorization on Apple devices, as well as conceptual errors such as the lack of option to use the application on the iPhone and iPad (alternatively, by removing and downloading) from scratch every time).

Despite everything, I am extremely happy that Game Freak studio decided to take such a step and I willingly paid for this service for a year in advance. I will definitely use it, especially when I finally get to the end of my copy of Pokemon Shield, because then I will get serious about completing the collection from the Galar region - these are the only species I miss. I have to catch get them all!

PS The Pokemon Home subscription price varies depending on where you want to buy. From the Nintendo console you pay PLN 12 per month, PLN 20 per quarter or PLN 64 per year. The version for smartphones costs PLN 13.99 a month, 23.99 a quarter or as much as 74.99 PLN a year. Price lists on individual platforms are different, because application developers transfer the commission to customers.

We have already checked Pokemon Home, which is a new home for Pokemon in the cloud for Switch and smartphones


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