Warcraft III Reforged Record: is currently the worst rated game on Metacritic. To the detriment of Metacritic

With a player rating of 0.5 out of 10, Warcraft III Reforged is currently the worst rated game on the Metacritic aggregator platform. The situation shows us two things: first, Blizzard gave bodies all along the line. Secondly, relying on collective assessment accumulated by aggregators is damn unreliable.

That Warcraft III Reforged failed is hardly said. It was enough for me one night with the new-old Blizzard strategy to create a substantial list of 18 biggest flaws, mishaps and minuses of the refreshed RTS. Just in time for 18 years of Warcraft III's presence on the market. The game is a decisive step backwards from the 2002 production, and it's more like a beta with a playable story campaign than a finished product.

Warcraft III Reforged disappoints in so many fields that I don't know where to start.

You can find my full list of complaints about the game here . Here I will write only briefly: Reforged is a defective product that lacks such basic elements as clans, rankings or proprietary campaigns. Gameplay via the network is unstable, and players are notoriously thrown to the main menu. Being at the menu, it works sluggishly and threatens with low responsiveness.

Spider's Web readers complain about the quality of Polish dubbing. I was terrified by the lack of interface scaling during the game, as well as the lack of support for ultra-wide monitors. A very debatable element is leaving the animation of units at 30 frames per second. Many people (including me) do not like the new, more faded and real visual layer of the location. Against this background, the lack of some shadows is almost a small thing.

Players are furious and have the full right to do so. Blizzard made them gray.

Warcraft III Reforged is not only a poor remaster of a classic from 18 years ago. It is also a handful of unfulfilled promises. The publisher announced new, more cinematic cutscenes between missions that did not work out. It was also promised to unify the story so that it did not have logical holes in World of Warcraft. Being at WoW, the actors voicing key characters in the MMO were to appear in Reforged.

None of these promises have been fulfilled. The publisher's empty words, mass of fundamental errors and solidly defective content are the perfect recipe for a powder keg. Blizzard was still adding flammable material, refusing some players money back, and banning some users of the official forum. The company has thus shown that it still cannot cope directly with its community. As if the mess with the cellular Diablo and the slip-up with the footrest of China did not teach them anything.

Disappointed and furious players treated Metacritic as one of the anger valves.

Hour by hour Warcraft III Reforged had an increasingly lower rating, jumping at the speed of an experienced albatross. When the note for the refreshed strategy game hit the painful 1.0, players still had not enough. Internet users began to bombard other extremely low-rated titles with positive reviews. Badziewie from previous years was climbing in the rankings, while at the same time Reforged was falling lower and lower.

Thanks to this tactic, Warcraft III Reforged is currently the worst rated game on the Metacritic platform. With a score of 0.5 on a 10-point scale, Blizzard's strategy is lower in the table than hits such as Postal III, FlatOut 3, Charlie's Angels, Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust or Rambo: The Video Game. An honorable group that no Lula 3D or other Fallout 76 would be ashamed of. It is worth noting that the rating given by media employees, reviewers and testers is also not high, currently reaching 60%.

The Reforged example perfectly shows how pointless aggregators of grades are.

Okay, Warcraft III Reforged is bad. Very angry. I have no doubt about that. I dare even think that I have committed the longest text about the disadvantages of this title on the Polish Internet . However, even when creating a long list of defects, I do not think that this low-quality jump on cash could be rated 0.5 points on a 10-point scale. Even a great, sentimental one-player campaign doesn't allow it. Great (mostly) new unit models do not allow this. Let it be 4 out of 10, let it be 2 out of 10. But 0.5?

The mere fact that players in concert began to raise the ratings of other poor games, solely to discredit Blizzard, undermines confidence in aggregate ratings. They should, however, evaluate the quality of video games. Instead, they are an instrument of mass, collective revenge or even punishment. Is it fair to suddenly increase the rating of the third postal, because Blizzard must get his ass? Exactly. In such situations, numerical grades cease to be grades. They become a weapon in the hands of fighters convinced of rightness and rightness.

So what instead of aggregators? I have been recommending the same thing for years: it is worth finding two or three reviewers with similar tastes and similar sensibilities. With a subjective look as close as possible to your own. The evaluation of such a soul mate is often clearer and clearer than a hundred notes on Metacritic.

Warcraft III Reforged Record: is currently the worst rated game on Metacritic. To the detriment of Metacritic


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