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These are the 4 differences between the new POCO X2 and the Redmi K30 4G that nobody has told you

At the beginning of the month, the resurgence of POCOPHONE resulted in a new POCO X2 . A smartphone that, beyond being the expected renewal of the POCOPHONE F1, proved to be the Indian variant of the Redmi K30 4G that we all already knew.

A Snapdragon 730G , selfie camera perforated on screen or a large battery of 4,500mAh are some of the features that both terminals share but still maintain 4 differences that probably nobody has told you before.

1. NFC connectivity

The first of the differences that we find between the POCO X2 and the Redmi K30 4G is the absence of NFC in the POCO terminal . Apparently, the Indian-based brand has decided to dispense with this technology, perhaps in order to lower costs further.

POCO releases the kernel source code of the POCO X2. Xiaomi Addicted News

This small but important characteristics makes it clear that beyond being a simple change in the external screen printing, the POCO X2 has a different hardware inside.

2. 27W charger

Among the virtues of the POCO X2 and therefore the Redmi K30 4G, we find a large battery of 4,500mAh . This in turn has a fast charge of 27W thus speeding up the simple fact with a small charge of just minutes, having enough battery percentage to continue using the terminal.

The difference we find in this section is that while the Redmi K30 4G only adds an 18W charger inside its box, the POCO X2 adds a 27W charger / transformer to be able to make use of its fast charging technology without having Than buy another accessory separately.


The third difference is found in the launcher used by both terminals. And although both the Redmi K30 4G and the POCO X2 use Xiaomi's famous customization layer, the POCO X2 makes use of the application launcher , POCO Launcher .

New version of the POCO Launcher 2.0. Xiaomi Addicted News


Remember that POCO Launcher was launched with the POCOPHONE F1 as a launcher characterized by its minimalist design , its application drawer and above all, its great performance and agility when moving around the desktop (You can download it from the Google Play Store ) .

4. Destined to two different markets

Finally and perhaps not quite a differentiating factor, is the fact of the market to which each of these two terminals is destined. For its part, the POCO X2 will not leave India as one of its executives confirmed, while the Redmi K30 4G will remain in China as the Redmi K20 already did.

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That is why it is most likely that the Redmi K30 4G or POCO X2 appears beyond the borders of China or India as a renowned Xiaomi Mi 10T adapted to the laws and regulations of Europe and other countries.

It should be noted that all these differences have been verified on the official website of both brands, both the Redmi K30 4G and the POCO X2 .

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