The White House has decided: 5G must be "American"

Huawei can no longer do any business with US entities, including mobile operators. So who should build the 5G network in the United States? "First and foremost American companies."

It is difficult for us to assess the legitimacy of Donald Trump's administration policy. On the one hand, Huawei's allegations of espionage in favor of Chinese intelligence seem to be a sufficient reason to eradicate the company from the United States and their allies. On the other hand, there is still no evidence of Huaweia's guilt, which raises the suspicion that all the fuss is just part of the political game in the ongoing cold war between the United States and China.

Without full data, judgment of the situation is basically impossible, we can focus only on facts. First of all: Huawei is one of the world leaders in the development of 5G technology. Secondly, due to the absence of the Chinese corporation in this country, the development of 5G in the United States may significantly slow down relative to other developed markets. However, it seems that the White House has a solution to this problem. Which, in addition, perfectly fits the national policy of day-to-day administration.

5G in the United States is to be built by US companies. Including Dell and Microsoft.

As reported by reporters of the Wall Street Journal , the White House called on American IT companies to cooperate in creating hardware and software solutions to help build American 5G. It is not only about cooperation with the administration, but also about mutual agreement between American companies, which is necessary to create mutually cooperating products. In other words, for example: the American software from the company X is to work on any American headquarters from the companies Y and Z.

In conversation with the Wall Street Journal, the White House mentioned, among others, Microsoft, Dell and AT&T, which have already been called to action and help. At the same time, the administration does not rule out cooperation with Scandinavian Nokia and Ericsson "due to their strong presence in the country", however, the emphasis is to be placed on the implementation of native solutions. The Trump administration "states the leading position of Chinese companies in creating 5G technology" and would like the United States not only to catch up, but also to chase away an Asian competitor.

The problem is that Huaweia is even supported by US allies.

Great Britain and the European Union did not follow the recommendations of their ally and did not introduce any blockades or sanctions on its activities in their territories. This means that Huawei will develop even more dynamically, being able to gain more and more experience and accumulating more and more capital. Perhaps the Americans are right and this will be a huge mistake , which we will regret in the future.

Nevertheless, all analysts and market experts unanimously note that the 5G network will significantly affect the development of the economies of countries that implement it - at least because of the possibility of creating completely new services and products based on the Internet of Things, which today are difficult to implement due to limitations current generation wireless communications.

Since American companies are only now being driven by the White House to work - and none of them are even close to the leading position in creating 5G solutions - then the American economy will undoubtedly lose on it, becoming less and less competitive. Of course, the United States is a great empire and certainly such a potential crisis will survive. However, time will tell who was ultimately right: Europe and Asia with their open policy and reliance on someone else's Chinese technology, or the United States focusing primarily on national, domestic ventures and avoiding companies allegedly associated with foreign intelligence.

The White House has decided: 5G must be "American"


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