The researchers checked which browser is most concerned about our privacy. Brave won

The fact that Brave was awarded the title of the most private browser by scientists from Ireland does not cause much surprise. It is different that he got the Edge well after his ears, and Firefox was recognized as just as concerned about our privacy as Chrome.

In the article titled Web Browser Privacy: What Do Browsers Say When They Phone Home? , researchers from Dublin Trinity College have checked how much information our Chrome, Edge, Brave, Safari and Yandeksy send to external servers. On this basis, they have determined to what extent they respect our privacy.

And so, Brave became the king of abandonment alone. In the middle of the rankings Chrome , Firefox and Safari were placed, and Edge and the popular Yandeks, mainly in Russia, were not very honored.

What are browser humming about?

It is worth noting at the outset that browsers were looked at at the initial state. None of them have additional options enabled to protect privacy. Researchers were interested only in the default state, i.e. one with which a large proportion of users not only begin, but usually ends.

Brave was appreciated for the fact that he was the only one not forwarding any information about the pages the user enters to external servers, and did not allow tracking his IP address. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about other browsers.

Chrome, Firefox and Safari came second together. Browsers have shared the knowledge of visited pages with external servers as part of the autocomplete function. In addition, they have been criticized for using identifiers that allow you to track user activity.

Last place was taken by Edge and Yandex . Both not only sent information identifying devices to the server, but also sent information about websites to companies' servers, which seem to have nothing to do with creating hints for autocompletion.

One can argue whether how often the browser communicates with the server of its creators and what it transmits to it should be a key determinant of how it cares about privacy. Undoubtedly, however, it is an intriguing component.

PS. If you miss Opera in this set, you are not alone. She and Vivaldi are great ignored this statement.

The researchers checked which browser is most concerned about our privacy. Brave won


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