The first lucky ones already have new icons in Windows 10

Esteti, rejoice. New icons in Windows 10 are already starting to appear in the first users. Some of them (icons, not users) are even pretty.

Let's put it this way - the icons currently present in Windows 10 are not the pinnacle of design. To make matters worse, they were introduced many years ago and no one has dealt with them since then, so their appearance gives the impression of being older than the donut, which you absorbed today on the occasion of Fat Thursday. However, Microsoft decided to do something about it and announced two years ago the introduction of a new design system - Fluent Design. It is within this framework that new icons have been created that finally begin to appear among the first users.

New icons in Windows 10 .

Testers using the Windows 10 Fast Ring test channel can enjoy the refreshed appearance of icons. The first applications that have experienced the visual journey to future present, there are Calculator, Mail, Calendar, Alarms and Clock, Movies and TV, Voice Recorder and Groove. However, this is certainly not the end. In a post published on Medium last December, we were promised to refresh the look of over 100 icons. So there is something to wait for.

The new icons were designed in accordance with the principles of Fluent Design, which is to make Microsoft's system more readable. His eye-pleasing aesthetics are subordinated to the practical effect. The icons designed with it are more dynamic, colorful and are not afraid of the gradient. They are also to introduce a bit of visual consistency into the system.

Microsoft has been working on refreshing the face of its operating system for a long time. The new design system was introduced in 2017 and since then it has been slowly and slowly making its way to the hearts and computers of the ordinary user. One of the milestones on this road at the end of last year was to show the world the new icons of the Office suite , one of Microsoft's most recognized and important products. These were well received.

I leave the assessment of what the whole system will look like in the new version, until everything is in its place. I am most interested if Windows can finally be visually consistent. Fingers crossed.

The first lucky ones already have new icons in Windows 10


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