Smartphones banned in most Polish schools

Most of the teachers and school heads questioned by the Ministry of Digital Affairs want a ban on using telephones in schools.

According to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna , 66 percent schools have already banned the use of smartphones at home, another 27% declares that it wants to introduce such restrictions in the near future. Are we getting closer to France?

A smartphone at school? Res non grata

Nowadays, every school can do what they want when it comes to cell phones. There are no top-down regulations in this matter, and each educational institution decides on its own experience what rules of using telephones it wants to introduce and writes them in its statute.

Thinking about smartphones, we easily fall into the trap of false analogies. However, modern cell phones are not a simple replacement for a sketchbook, a deck of cards or cards secretly thrown between the benches. These are more powerful tools than anything we had fun with (yes, even more powerful than tamagochi ), created to attract our attention and not let it go as long as possible. Crowds of people have been working professionally to make applications as engaging as possible. If a math teacher with integrals or a classmate proposing a live conversation about a new movie is to stand in front of their work, this is not a fair fight. And maybe sometimes they need to be reinforced with bans.

Proponents of the ban argue that after bringing him to school, children begin to talk to each other more often, play and even move, horribly. It is easier for them to focus on lessons when they are not tempted by a colorful telephone within reach.

Children must be able to use smartphones responsibly , they will not learn it themselves

There is also the other side of this story - not all teachers are disturbed by smartphones in lessons, on the contrary, for some they are an important learning aid. The network has a lot of interesting tasks prepared for children, special interactive courses and games. Plus, you can't forget that a smartphone is a great handy source of information, a communication and creation tool that somebody needs to teach kids to use during or after the lesson - as part of homework or additional projects.

It doesn't matter if we think that the school is primarily to educate citizens to live in society or be the first step on their professional path, wise use of a smartphone should be an element of this path, also precisely because of the risks associated with the smartphone for which children must be prepared as adults - fake news, online aggression, phishing. Closing eyes and pretending that these threats do not exist and are not a challenge for everyday life is a way that leads to the creation of a society lost in the network. Completely prohibiting the use of a smartphone at school will not make the problems associated with it disappear, it can cause that there will be no space in which you can move them and face them.

Perhaps we do not need nationwide regulations, and the final decisions should be given, as it is now, to the directors of the institutions who know their pupils best. For this, we need a nationwide discussion of specialists, research and analysis that will allow schools to make consistent and knowledge-based decisions.

Smartphones banned in most Polish schools


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