Plus closes its SMS gateway. Only one month left to use the service

Orange is not the only operator who resigns from the SMS gateway. He has just sent his service that allows you to send text messages to a phone number over the internet in the trash can of Plus history.

Who would have thought that in 2020 an ordinary SMS / MMS gateway would arouse so much emotion. Our material about the fact that Orange is closing this type of service at the end of January was one of the most read texts on the day of its publication on our website.

Orange also shared some interesting facts about the interest that his SMS and MMS gateway enjoyed over the years.

The service, which started in 2003 - that is, in the days when today's orange operator was called Idea - sent a total of 3220011323 SMSes. Throughout 2008, up to 40 to 50 million messages of this type were sent from it monthly.

The SMS gateway from Orange broke its record a little earlier, that is December 24, 2005. The operator delivered to the recipients as many as 2,482,355 short text messages. In the whole of December last year, only 240,000 were sent. pieces.

Orange decided to close its SMS / MMS gateway last month, and today Plus does the same.

The SMS and MMS gateway on the Orange Polska website was not the only service of this type. Internet users who still wanted to be able to send messages from the browser straight to the phone number could use the Plus network service. However, also in this case you have to say goodbye. Telekom belonging to the Cyfrowy Polsat Group also winds its sails.

As you can read on the operator's website , the Plus network's SMS gateway will stop working on March 9, 2020. Similar information was found in two places directly on the site that allows you to send messages. Telekom encourages customers to use the points accumulated in their subscriber account to this day, which can be exchanged for free SMS before they are lost.

Plus closes its SMS gateway. Only one month left to use the service


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