PlayStation 5 will unexpectedly affect the production of Sony cameras. Unfortunately, it s unfavorable

The upcoming PlayStation 5 console is very mixed up in the ... photography segment. According to reports, Sony is forced to stop developing cameras to provide components for the PS5.
The end of the year will belong to the new generation of consoles. A new chapter is being prepared in the fight for players' wallets and hearts. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles will be a new hand and will replace the current generation of consoles, which has been on the market for seven years.

PlayStation 5 will unexpectedly affect the production of Sony cameras. Unfortunately, it's unfavorable.

In the branches of Microsoft and Sony, the struggle is underway not to overdo the price of consoles on the one hand, and the margin to be at a sufficiently high level on the other. The margin when determining the valuation is small, but it is already known that it will be more expensive than with PS4. The price of PlayStation 5 will definitely exceed 2,000. PLN , although it is possible that this level will be closer to PLN 2500.
The biggest challenge will be ensuring the continuity of component deliveries, specifically DRAM and NAND memories. As reported by Bloomberg , Sony intends to devote part of the processing capacity reserved for cameras to the PS5 consoles.
According to Photo Rumors website , Sony is not going to give up the upcoming premier of cameras. Instead, the Japanese manufacturer will use weaker components than originally anticipated. Most likely it is about matrices.

New Sony cameras without breakthrough matrices?

The two hottest Sony premieres to be seen in 2020 are the A7 IV and A7S III mirrorless cameras. The common part between them and PS5 consoles is the DRAM memory used by the so-called layered sensor (stacked sensor).
Such a matrix was found e.g. in Sony A9 and A9 II, top mirrorless cameras that are distinguished by a dizzying rate of 20 fps. This technology used on a full frame matrix is ​​very expensive, and is possible due to the matrix being integrated with a DRAM memory layer temporarily capturing photos. This solution is much faster and more efficient than the standard buffer known from competing cameras.

Will Sony win with work? This is a very real scenario.

In the case of Sony, I am torn, because for work I use the mirrorless Sony A7 III, and for entertainment the console PlayStation 4. I support the development of both categories of equipment, but I'm not surprised that the console has a higher priority. The numbers speak for themselves.
Sony for sale of cameras
Since 2013, Sony has sold approximately 103 million PlayStation 4 consoles and less than 41 million cameras. In practice, the difference should be even greater, because the PS4 console debuted in mid-November 2013, and the said 41 million cameras include sales since January 2013. And although the average price of the mirrorless Sony is much higher than the price of the console, the dynamics of camera sales speaks for disadvantage of this market. 10 years ago, Sony sold ten times more cameras than now. It speaks for itself.
It seems that 2020 will be the year of consoles. We will have to wait longer for photographic breakthroughs. Let's remember, however, that the competition is not sleeping and there are no prime ministers that would compete so much with the photo segment.

PlayStation 5 will unexpectedly affect the production of Sony cameras. Unfortunately, it's unfavorable


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