Photoshop for iPad: it was poor, the upgrade is a bit less poor

Photoshop for iPad has just been updated, in which Adobe introduces much better methods of selecting elements. App development is evident, but there is still a long way to go before mobile Photoshop.

Photoshop for iPad has just been updated, which Adobe strongly boasts on its blog . There are several new products and they are really important. The most important of them is the new Object Selection tool supported by the artificial intelligence of Adobe Sensei AI.

This solution is already present in desktop Photoshop, and has been fully transferred to the iPad application with a set of options for defining the edges. According to Adobe, this is the most advanced selection mechanism ever found in a mobile application.

The function is very easy to use. Just draw any rectangular selection around the object (or using the Lasso tool), and Adobe Sensei AI algorithms will accurately mark the object inside our makeshift selection. In practice, this system is not perfect, especially if a lot is happening in the background. On uniform surfaces, however, the whole works very well and can save a lot of time when cutting objects from the background.

The second novelty is related to typography. Photoshop for iPad now has many more text editing tools. Ba, such a basic function appeared as the text layer. You can edit subtitles on it using many functions known from the desktop program.

Photoshop for iPad is growing fast, but Adobe still has a lot of work.

photoshop for ipad

Photoshop for iPad appeared in November 2019 , and in December received the first update, bringing mainly the Select Subject tool, which is quite simple, automatic selection of objects. His action left much to be desired.

The new Object Selection works much better, and we have more control over what we want to include in the selection. Importantly, Adobe introduced these new features to the iPad just a few months after they hit the desktop program.

And although selecting without constantly improving the Wand or tedious use of Lass is an important novelty, Photoshop for iPad still has a whole lot of deficiencies compared to the desktop equivalent. For example, basic tools such as Dodge and Burn are missing for local darkening and brightening of the image.

Expectations for Adobe are very high, but the manufacturer himself has created an appetite.

Adobe has been announcing Photoshop for iPad for over a year. The application was to have all the functions of a desktop program, and so far it still has huge shortcomings.

And although Photoshop for iPad is one of the most advanced applications for mobile graphics and photo editing, it is no longer the only one. Affinity Photo for iPad is incomparably more refined and extended. I have both of these applications on my iPad and I use Affinity much more often.

In both cases, the interface remains a problem, because the elements hidden on the PC in the system bar must be pressed on the iPad as a submenu of various functions. This makes the interface quite illegible in places, and many elements accumulate. Operating it with your finger can be annoying.

We will wait a long time for the full potential of tablet Photoshop. I know that Adobe can make a good mobile application, an example of which is Lightroom. This program also started at a very low level, but over the years it has been refined to such an extent that it can even compete with its desktop version in terms of processing. I hope that the same will eventually happen with Photoshop, but I have no illusions. It will be a very long evolutionary process.

Photoshop for iPad: it was poor, after the update there is a bit less poverty


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