Pay Google to send you 10 random prints of your photos every month. Are you in?

Google is testing a new subscription available in Google Photos. For 8 dollars monthly you can receive 10 prints of your random photos.

Google Photos are gaining a new opportunity, although only in the United States. Google is testing a new subscription there, under which for $ 7.99 per month, the user will receive 10 prints of photos in 10 x 15 cm format .

Photos are to be randomly selected from the user's gallery from among photos added during the last month. You can define three criteria according to which the algorithm will choose photos: more people, more landscapes or a bit of everything.

Random selection at first sounds like a joke, but after a while you may realize that Google knows what it is doing.

From a business point of view, it's a very smart Google move.

In some markets, Google offers a photo printing service operating on standard terms. The user must select pics and place an order for prints, which nowadays sounds like a solution only for enthusiasts of photography.

Google Photos - news at the I / O 2017 conference

Subscription can have an advantage for a very prosaic reason: laziness. Hardly anyone remembers to choose from time to time and send photos to develop. And if you postpone this action for once, you probably won't come back to this idea again. There are more and more new photos, so the selection of the best ones is becoming more and more time-consuming.

Algorithms can therefore save time, and are a smart way to keep the customer for longer. Many people will simply buy a monthly trial subscription out of curiosity. Some of them forget to turn it off after a month, for $ 8. is not a large amount, but physical photos are a good souvenir.

In addition, there is an element of surprise that can work a plus. After all, everyone likes surprises. I suspect that a similar mechanism may work here that video game developers use in the so-called lootboxes , i.e. randomly generated bonuses available for purchase inside the game.

Google's subscription can also work as a gift. Especially at parents.

As a parent, I have noticed many times how great a gift for grandparents are photo prints from my granddaughter. Here, Google's subscription perfectly shakes up to the needs of parents. Google's solution can make grandparents get 10 updated photos of their grandchildren every month, without involving the time of their parents' children.

If it can be defined that the algorithm selects photos of children, this solution has a good chance of success.

Google prints are clearly geared towards Sunday photographers .

photobook photos google photos - a review

People who care about the quality of photos will probably never use Google's offer. First, the prints will come from files uploaded to Google Photos, and yet in the free version of this tool the photos are compressed. Secondly, the inability to choose a larger size of 10 x 15 cm deletes this service in the eyes of more aware photographers. On the other hand, it might be better not to view prints of compressed files in larger sizes ...

For now, the new system is being implemented in the United States, where some users see in the Google Photos application a banner encouraging to test the subscription. Let's remember, however, that Google's photobook offer was initially only available in the US only, and is now an integral part of the application in Poland. It is very likely that the same will apply to your print subscription.

Pay Google to send you 10 random prints of your photos every month. Are you in?


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