Nobody will cry. Andy Rubin is making business - that s the end of Essential Phone and Newton Mail

What a beautiful disaster. Andy Rubin, the founding father of Android, is just rolling up his belongings and closing his business. This is the end of Essential Phone and Newton Mail.

It had to end this way. Founded by Andy Rubin, Essential Products has just announced that it will stop and completely close its business.

Last year, we saw the controversial concept of the smartphone called Gem , which was to become Essential Phone 2. The project, as you could already guess from its unusual concept, suffered a failure even before it hit the market.

essential phone project gem

The official announcement reads that despite all efforts, the company has not managed to finish the project and see no way for the new phone to reach consumers.

By the way, Essential showed what software solutions he was working on and looking at them, I can't stop thinking that it was very good that this phone did not hit the market.

Holders of the first generation Essential Phone will no longer receive any updates or security patches - the February 3 update was the last.

The end of Essential Phone is also the end of Newton Mail.

A failing company buys a second failing company - what could go wrong? In February 2019, Essential Products acquired CloudMagic, the company responsible for the great Newton Mail client.

Newton application

At the time, I wondered in the text how long they could stay afloat, since neither CloudMagic nor Essential had an idea for an effective business model. Now we know the answer: Newton Mail will eventually disappear from the market on April 30, 2020.

If someone else is using this service, they must have a replacement by then.

It was supposed to be so beautiful!

I remember the excitement that accompanied the first Essential Phone. When Andy Rubin first spoke and presented his vision of Android development, many enthusiasts looked at him as a savior. Pure Android, as its creator commanded, with regular updates and even elegant, minimalist hardware? It was a beautiful vision.

The market, however, quickly verifies beautiful visions that do not translate into reality. Essential Phone PH-1 disappointed, both in terms of hardware and software.

Then it turned out that the company is not able to keep its promise of timely Android updates.

As a result, if anyone wanted to buy Essentiala PH-1, the company sold it so cheap that they might as well add it to the chips for free. Ok, maybe not so, but barely a year after the premiere, this smartphone could be purchased for $ 200. The initial price was $ 600. - far too much for a bush product, without a budget for marketing and technical support departments.

The nail in Essential's casket was the scandal with the founder of the company in the lead role, when in 2018 it turned out that Andy Rubin did not leave Google at all, as he had maintained until now, but was removed from the company due to accusations of sexual harassment.

Andy Rubin denied these reports, and as more and more evidence appeared that the accusations were true, he was becoming more and more aggressive in his attitude towards the media and other industry representatives. Finally, at the end of last year, Rubin could not stand and blocked all followers on his Twitter. However, there is a grain of truth in saying that pride walks before falling.

In the light of the ruby ​​scandal, American media stopped writing, and thus Essential lost organic interest in its new product. Essential Gem turned out to be a misfire and in this way we reach the point where we are today.

The story of Essential's downfall is actually the story of the fall of one man, combined with inept business.

However, looking at the evidence accumulated against Rubin and how Essential Phone turned out to be unimportant equipment, I dare to say brutally that it is a well-deserved fall.

And Essential's disappearance from the market probably won't be noticed.

Nobody will cry. Andy Rubin is making business - that's the end of Essential Phone and Newton Mail


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