Next year s MacBooks can be revolutionary. Apple is having an affair with the ARM processor

More and more PC manufacturers are considering at least a partial switch to ARM processors. According to a well-known analyst, Apple will introduce ARMs to the MacBook line next year.

Rumors about a MacBook with an ARM architecture CPU have been circulating on the Web for years. This time, however, the information comes from Ming-Chi Kuo - a well-known analyst who has repeatedly accurately predicted Apple's future decisions. According to his analysis, Apple will launch a Mac with proprietary ARM in the first half of next year. What's more, this system would be produced in a 5-nanometer technological process.

Kuo justifies his predictions, among others, significantly increased Apple's expenditure on the production and development of ARM systems, including those suitable for personal computers. It is worth adding that personal computers with ARM systems as well as Windows and Chrome OS are already available on the market. And if the group of PCs also includes the iPad - which it resembles more and more - then this device also uses the ARM system.

ARM processor in MacBook - why it's a great idea

From the very beginning, ARM architecture and unlike x86 architecture was designed for energy-efficient, portable electronic devices. ARM systems are usually not as efficient as x86 systems, but in return they offer significantly lower energy consumption and higher energy efficiency - and therefore less heat emitted.

The introduction of a MacBook with an ARM system would make Apple notebooks become even slimmer and completely silent due to the lack of the need for active cooling, and at the same time work even longer without connecting them to the charger. ARM systems can also function in always-on mode in the lowest power state - so the MacBook with ARM even in sleep mode could still synchronize with the network in the background with minimal power consumption. Just like an iPhone or iPad.

ARM processor in a MacBook - why is this a hopeless idea

Unfortunately, apart from the expected lower performance, ARM systems hide another trap, which is the total lack of program compatibility with x86 systems. This means that applications compiled for macOS for the x86 processor will not work on macOS for the ARM processor in most cases. In theory, such a MacBook will not be able to run almost any application for macOS - except for web and probably those made in the Catalyst technique.

It is possible, however, that such a computer with macOS and a basic set of applications - in the super-slim version and working for a long time on a battery - will be an attractive proposition for some consumers. It is also possible that Apple will encourage a larger group of programmers to compile their applications on the new architecture and to create universal Catalyst applications. It is also possible that Apple will introduce additional emulation mechanisms to ensure compatibility with applications for x86 processors - Microsoft has taken this step in its Windows 10.

One thing is certain: if the MacBook with an ARM chip is actually going to enter the market, then we will find out about it at the next WWDC 2020 conference - the year seems to be enough time to prepare programmers to compile games and applications for a completely new processor architecture.

Next year's MacBooks can be revolutionary. Apple is having an affair with the ARM processor


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