New versions of Apple TV and iPod touch on the horizon. They will join iPad Pro and AirPods X

iPad Pro and AirPods are not the only Apple devices to see another revision this year. We are waiting for the new Apple TV and the iPod touch X generation.

A lot of time has passed since the last Apple product conference, and we expect the next one next month. The expectations are really high and relate to several different product categories . One of the devices that we expect to be released is the spiritual successor of the iPhone SE , i.e. the iPhone 9 .

In addition, Apple can present the next version of tablets from the iPad Pro line, because more than a year has passed since the last premiere. Apparently there will be another version of AirPods - supposedly at a price of $ 399. and called AirPods X (Generation) - but that's not all. In addition, two other devices will appear .

The first is Apple TV X (generation).

It is strange that Apple TV 4K did not have a successor in 2020. Although it is difficult to imagine what the manufacturer could still improve in his set-top boxing, but you have to remember that the company added Apple TV + service to its offer. We expected a facelift for this occasion.

This did not happen, but according to data from the Target store's IT system, a new version of Apple TV will appear soon. The device is to be called Apple TV X (generation). Unfortunately, we do not know much about the specifications of this equipment, but it was valued at $ 179.99. He'll probably get a new chipset.

Similar names will be used for the multimedia player, which is to be iPod touch X (generation).

Also in this case, we do not know much more about the device except that it was valued at $ 399.99. Although you could think that this line of devices after the release of the iPod touch 9th generation will disappear, but the official iPod icon in the Apple software has been refreshed, so maybe something is wrong.

In addition, we expect Apple Watch bands in new colors, which have been called Series X, where X probably as with other devices, including the iPhone X from 2017 is not a letter, and the Roman number 9. They were valued at $ 49 so they are probably new sports bands.

Of course, you must remember that in both cases, both the entry in the system and the price given next to it are not confirmation of the existence of these devices. It cannot be ruled out that it was a mistake or was introduced by e.g. an over-zealous employee. We'll be sure of that, fortunately, in a few weeks.

New versions of Apple TV and iPod touch on the horizon. They will join iPad Pro and AirPods X


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