New investments by Xiaomi revive the possibility of the firm launching its second smartphone processor

In recent years Xiaomi has become one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers worldwide. A great leap in the market that could lead to the return of its own processors for smartphones as Huawei, Samsung or Oppo already do.

Without going any further, a few years ago Xiaomi was fully involved in this market with its Xiaomi Surge S1 . Even so, contrary to what has happened with their smartphones and gadgets, this first processor did not have the expected success.

Since then little we have known about the development of a new generation except in the middle of last 2019 when the firm became one of the largest shareholders of VeriSilicon , a company specialized in the development of processors and chips in general.

Now, further reviving the possibilities of seeing a new Xiaomi Surge S2 , the firm has become the third largest shareholder of Beijing Angrui Microelectronics Technology Co. yet another company, which like VeriSilicon focuses on the development of processors and chips .

Xiaomi confirms to continue developing its Surge S2 processor, substitute for Surge S1

Surge S1, first processor of Xiaomi.

There is not everything left, and that is that, in addition, Xiaomi has invested more than 310 million yuan , about 40 million euros in Onray Microelectronics , becoming also a shareholder of Suzhou Sutong Semiconductor Technology Co. two companies also specialized in the same technology sector .

Could this be a sign that Xiaomi is behind launching its new Surge S2?

As you would expect, there is no absolute answer confirming that Xiaomi is, again, developing its own processors. Even so, the great success that Huawei has had with its Kirin or Samsung with its Exynos, make us think that Xiaomi could also be preparing a very similar plan.

The latest data and rumors that reach us through the ITHome medium, suggest an input / media range processor manufactured by TSMC again with a lithograph of 16 nanometers and eight cores.

Its distribution would be based on four Cortex A73@2.2Ghz cores and four Cortex A53@1.8GHz cores . For its part, the GPU used in the next Xiaomi Surge S2 would be a Mali G71MP8, supporting UFS2.1 and LPDDR4 memory.

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