MIUI 11 adds a new function that will notify us of any suspicious activity on your smartphone

In recent years we have been seeing how access to certain permissions by Android applications has become a very sensitive issue. Without going any further, our smartphone has become the main center of personal data and the place where more private information is stored about us.

That is why Xiaomi has begun to deploy « Behavior Records «, a new function for MIUI 11 that allows us to have greater control of the applications, informing in detail of any permission obtained by each of them.

With this new functionality Xiaomi seeks to let its users know if they are really granting more permissions than necessary to a given application . And it is that thanks to this new option within MIUI, we will know if we are granting too sensitive or dangerous permissions in order to maintain our privacy.

A complete record of each permit or data obtained by the applications

This new functionality is being deployed in the first place through the Chinese ROM of MIUI 11. In detail, we could translate its operation as a complete record of the behavior of each of the applications that we have installed on our smartphone.

New behavior logging functionality in MIUI 11. Xiaomi Addicted News

New functionality added to MIUI 11.

In case a suspicious activity or sensitive data collection is detected, MIUI 11 will notify us by means of a notification. As Xiaomi has explained, the list of actions that will be seen as sensitive or dangerous are:

  • Get access to device information.
  • Read the phone number.
  • Access or save files in the background.
  • Record audio in the background.
  • Access calendar events.
  • Access the call history.
  • Make calls.
  • Take photos or record videos.
  • Access or save items to the clipboard.
  • Have access to contacts.
  • Access to the user's location.
  • Read the text messages.
  • Access to phone sensor data.
  • Access to activity information.

In addition, as we can see in the image published above, we can configure which applications we want to receive these behavioral notifications . In this way, we can test certain unknown applications and monitor what permissions or data they obtain and thus know if it is finally reliable or not.

The MIUI 11 entry adds a new function that will alert us to any suspicious activity on your smartphone was first published on xiaomi: Xiaomi news and news website in general, we are Xiaomi .


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