Man versus volcanoes. We check where the majority of emitted carbon dioxide comes from

I knew, I just knew. Under my text about the year 's climate nonsense, there have been a lot of comments denying anthropogenic climate change. The most common argument?


It is the volcanoes that are suspected of generating so much carbon dioxide that human emissions are insignificant compared to this amount.

Let's do something that is hardly done for good online discussion. Let's look at the facts.

In the blue corner: volcanoes

First of all, active volcanoes occur both on land and under water.

Submarine volcanoes, is believed to "go to zero" about the balance of CO 2 in the atmosphere. Why? Because they also generate lava, which absorbs the vast majority of this gas. Still, let's count the whole thing: from 66 to 97 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

On the other hand, land volcanoes have a much greater contribution to the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Their work could be even 242 million tons of this gas annually, directly unbalanced.

Total volcanoes: 308 to 339 million tons.

In the red corner: homo sapiens

Time to calculate the human and his CO 2 emissions into the atmosphere of our planet.

According to independent statistics, we currently emit about 30 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. No, it's not a mistake - billions, not millions. Anthropogenic emissions are therefore about 100 times higher than volcanic emissions! And this is just one of the greenhouse gases that gets into the atmosphere both for natural reasons and as a result of human activities.

wins Man is losing

Studies show that, in fact, the largest volcanic eruptions in recent years (e.g. Pinatubo volcano) have minimal effect on the global carbon dioxide concentration in the Earth's atmosphere.

Pinatubo has been the largest volcanic eruption in the last few decades - and is estimated at 50 million tons of CO 2 .

There are more such arguments of "climate skeptics" - you have probably heard many times about the Little Ice Age, methane producing cows, or Greenland Greenland. I will try to discuss them in the near future in the next texts on Spider's Web.

Man versus volcanoes. We check where the majority of emitted carbon dioxide comes from


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