It s the best time to secure your computer. We are distributing licenses for Bitdefender anti-virus!

Bitdefender offers comprehensive security measures that the average internet user should protect against most online threats. If you want to receive a 3-month or annual license for it, read this entry and leave a comment below it.

A firewall (or firewall) is the basis for protecting a computer so that it can be separated from the internet. The firewall filters packets that reach our network and works like a strainer. It lets packets it deems safe and blocks those that can harm our resources. Thanks to this, the firewall protects against a large part of the threats that can get to your computer from the outside.

Firewall settings can be defined by ourselves. The level of our trust should be different depending on whether we connect to the home or public network, which is particularly important for unencrypted connections.

The iPhone can be hacked

Security rules can also be changed at the level of individual applications, including those running in the browser. Thanks to this, on the one hand, we can be sure that we will not block key communication for the operation of a given program, and on the other, we will cut off the ability to scan the ports of our computer.

A firewall is one of the features of the Bitdefender Internet Security package. What else does it include?

Safepay, a transaction browser.

It is a proposal for people who want additional security when logging into a bank, shopping or carrying out any other online transactions. Safepay works independently of Chrome and Firefox or other traditional browsers. It blocks screenshots, has a password manager and its own on-screen keyboard, so you don't have to worry about keyloggers, which is malware that registers the keys you press.


Therefore, the browser gives an additional dose of privacy when transferring or exchanging money in online currency exchange bureaus.

VPN, or anonymous web browsing.

The virtual private network will be useful not only to fans of anonymity, but also to people who want to bypass geographical blockades and use the resources available in other countries. Tourists who want to use the same services abroad as in Poland should also be interested in VPNs. One example is a visit to China, where Google services are blocked.

Why should you get interested in the Bitdefender package?

There are several reasons. First of all, it contains a multitude of services - from spam filters and file encryption to the protection of mobile devices. Some of them are free (although with restrictions), others are available in the subscription option - from one to three years.

Secondly, Bitdefender protection is one of the best on the market. For years, the product has been at the forefront of all combinations. In the eyes of AV TEST, the Internet Security 24.0 package obtained the highest possible rating, beating, among others McAfee solution.

Similarly for performance. Those who have had contact with firewalls from the last decade probably mention that they had to disable the firewall to enjoy the highest gaming experience. Modern firewalls are something completely different. They leave a negligible trace that we will hardly notice in everyday use.

You can find out more about the Internet Security package from the manufacturer's website .

Competition - 10 Bitdefender licenses to be won

Do you want to secure your computer properly? Now is the chance! Just write a comment under the text. List in it the three most important - in your opinion - privacy functions implemented by the Internet Security 2020 package and justify your choice briefly. We will choose the best answers and reward them with one-year Bitdefender Internet Security licenses.

On the other hand, other people who comment on the topic can count on quarterly licenses for the same program. To receive a license, leave a comment in the email address to which the appropriate code should be sent. The number of licenses is limited, so there is a lot to fight for!

* The material was created in cooperation with Bitdefender.

It's the best time to secure your computer. We are distributing licenses for Bitdefender anti-virus!


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