In the Facebook application, we can easily switch between the most interesting, latest and displayed posts

Facebook is testing a new version of News, in which we will easily switch between the view with the most interesting and the latest posts. It's not everything. Perhaps we will also gain a simple way to view the content already displayed.

Jane Manchun Wong has discovered a new version of News in the Facebook Android app, which has repeatedly reached the hidden and tested features of Mark Zuckerberg's websites in the past.

New News in the Facebook application.

The new view of news in the application would consist of three tabs: Highlights, Newest and Displayed.

The third tab has the Displayed Posts view. These are the contents that we have already seen in the News and to which we want to return. Access to them in the browser will allow us to enter in the address bar: .

Facebook is currently considering introducing a new sorting mode. TechCrunch asked at source if we can expect a new news sorting view. A company spokesman confirmed that internal testing is underway, but did not determine whether the change would come into force in production.

Currently, Facebook discourages changing sorting.

Of course, it doesn't do it directly. However, this is indicated by practice. When we change the view from the Most Interesting to the Latest in the browser version of Facebook, the next time we open the page, we will probably see the most interesting content again, i.e. the "selected" by the algorithm. Sorting by the latest content also does not guarantee us access to a chronological timeline, including posts from all sources observed by us, just like Instagram once did.

Also, switching views in the mobile application is not comfortable and requires several actions. In the Facebook version for iOS, you have to enter the menu and select the latest. What's worse, you have to do it every time you want to change the sorting method.

The most interesting would be to enter the Displayed Posts tab in the application. It often happens that we want to return to some content, and we are unable to find it. A simple "card" arrangement of three views would be a great help.

In the Facebook application, we can easily switch between the most interesting, latest and displayed posts


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