I was waiting for this news at SwiftKey. Microsoft keyboard with a more convenient function bar

SwiftKey provides its users with a convenient function bar with shortcuts to frequently used functions. Now - finally! - we will be able to adapt it to our needs.

I highly value Microsoft SwiftKey, it has long been my default keyboard on Android and iPadOS devices. The first contact with her is a bit tiring - it suggests not the things in the self-correction mechanism we would expect. However, he learns very quickly, he optionally remembers our habits on the Microsoft Account that autocorrect works equally well on all our devices. After just a few days, she writes the next words for us almost alone.

I recommend, although you should be aware that data synchronization means providing Microsoft with access to everything that we type on this keyboard. Whether Microsoft is a trustworthy company, I leave it to your individual assessment - although I use this function myself.

swiftkey change the order of the buttons

However, SwiftKey has more advantages than just a great predictive algorithm. I am happy to use the optional additional functions bar, which, although it takes up a bit of screen space (see above), provides shortcuts to usually quite useful additions - calendar preview, handy search engine or ... a catalog of animated GIFs.

SwiftKey with a major update. You can freely customize the function bar.

An important disadvantage of the aforementioned bar is the arrangement of its functions according to Microsoft's vision. Some animated GIFs don't care much, but they would prefer to have - for example - the function of pasting the location where we are at hand. Now it finally becomes possible.

swiftkey change the order of the buttons

To change the order of functions, select the button with three dots on the right side of the function bar, and then at the bottom select the Change order of elements option. Then, by drag and drop, we arrange both the order of the functions in the bar and in the drop-down list under three dots. And it's ready. It is a pity that so late - nevertheless, at least for me, this is a very important change for the better.

I was waiting for this news at SwiftKey. Microsoft keyboard with a more convenient function bar


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