GTA 4 is back on Steam. Rockstar gives out extras as an apology

Rockstar has dealt with problems, and after more than a month of absence GTA 4 returns on Steam. As part of the apology, the studio gives players extras. Everyone who already had a copy of the game will receive DLC as part of the free upgrade to Grand Theft Auto 4 Complete Edition.

GTA 4 is still arousing great emotions, although the game went on sale originally in 2008. Recently it was made loud for a while just over a month ago, when it turned out that the title disappeared from the Steam platform, which caused quite a stir.

Removing old games like GTA 4 from stores like Steam is of course not unusual.

This happens often because of, for example, problems with the expiring license for the soundtrack, as was the case with Alan Wake . If the case concerns high-profile games, however, it has a lot of echo, just like in connection with Grand Theft Auto 4 and the inability to buy new copies on Steam.

In the case of GTA 4, the issue of disappearing from the store was a bit more complex than usual. Rockstar blamed Microsoft for the disappearance of Grand Theft Auto 4 from Steam. All because of the Games for Windows Live platform, extinguished years ago, which was used when working on the PC version of the game.

Fortunately, Rockstar has solved the problems and GTA 4 is back on Steam .

The studio did not feel guilty, but still decided that it was worth giving players the opportunity to pay for their product. Developers are working on an update, which debut is scheduled for March 19. After uploading it to servers, the game can be purchased again on both Steam and the Rockstar Game Launcher.

As a bonus to fans who bought the game earlier, copies of the basic version of the game sold so far will be upgraded for free to the Grand Theft Auto 4: Complete Edition. Interestingly, people who purchased GTA: Episodes from Liberty City can expect a similar update.

GTA 4 is back on Steam. Rockstar gives out extras as an apology


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